Topic:I intend to record a podcast investigating the negative impacts that fame has on artists in the music industry. There are a lot of negative effects that celebrities have faced for example substance abuse or anxiety, and we have unfortunately seen the negative effects it has had on people like Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan. I definitely believe that there is a demand for an investigation like this because these people are public figures. Nobody seems to focus on the dark side and everyone seems to think it is so nice to be famous and that is why I want to draw attention to the not-so-glamorous side. It might look nice but not everyone knows what is actually going on behind the scenes. This matters because we need to inform people who want to become famous how risky it will be to make it, they need to be aware of everything that could happen should they actually become famous. I have always been interested in popular culture and music and this is something I already researched in my free time so I definitely would not mind researching it for the class. I am not sure if this will reflect my future interests exactly because I am still unsure of what I want to do, but I want to work in the entertainment industry so it is a little related to that field.

Form: My plan for the form of this project is to make 6 30 minute long podcast episodes. I plan for the first episode to deal with substance abuse, the second episode to deal with anxiety/depression, the third episode to deal with the loss of identity, the fourth episode to deal with eating disorders, the fifth episode to deal with suicide rates, and the sixth to deal with fake news. Some topics will require to me to talk to licensed professionals or those working towards that degree in psychology. I have a few members of my extended family that I have already asked and they are on board to help in any way they can. My inspiration for this project is the youtube channel “Deep Dive.”  My idea is different though becuase Deep Dive focuses mostly on actors and that part of the entertainment industry. They also have corresponding vidoes I will not have a video as well like they do. It will be similar in the way that the research will be as extensive and it will be just as entertaining because they are both podcasts about the truth and the dark side of celebrities. It will also be different because I will be focusing on a topic rather than just the life or rise to fame of one celbrity like the way Deep Dive does.                                                                                                      My other inspirations Jeanette Mccurdy’s book “I’m Glad My Mom Died.” she went through a lot of the topics I will be going through in my podcast. She also has an audiobook version of her book making it like a podcast. Those are where the similarities end though. Her story is a primary account of her life meanwhile I am a secondary account of many different celebrities in their struggles. I will not be focusing on her either because she is not a singer but her book plays a big role in my interest of this subject matter at all.

Technology: I have had experience in podcasting through Com 200 and in Com 455. Because of those classes and the podcast assignments I already have Audacity installed on my laptop so that will be the only technology will require. I thought about also filming a video with the podcast but realized that i simply do not have the time.

Audience and Impact: The primary audience for my podcast are people like me who are interested in pop culture and the ,usic industry. Those are the kind of people that will want to listen to a podcast especially if they are a fan of some of the people I will be talking about. I am not sure if there would be a secondary auidience but I imagine it would be people who have struggled with these issues because on the one hand knowing that celebrities struggle with those problems as well, that could help them but on the otehr ha d it could trigger them. I do feel like these issues need to be talked about tjough. These celebrities stories deserve attention because they deserve to matter as human beings. My hope is that the i opact will make people see that celebrities truly are just human beings not an unbreakable force where nithing can hurt them

My prior experience: The podcasts I recorded in Com 200 and the podcast i recorded in Com 455. One podcast included an interview and one was solo. So I have experience with both which is helpful since I want to do both types. The Com 200 podcast included an interview and my interviewing skills were not great I plan to improve those skills and conduct better interviews.

My other podcast for Com 455 was more similar to this one as it focused on the song “Girl in a Country Song” amd the effects of Bro Country on the country music scene. That podcast was solo which I am much ,more comfortable with.

As stated above this project reflects my work in using audacity. I also think though it will reflect my work in intersectionality as I have to investigate each side of people I will be talking about. This will include their race, sex, gender, orientation and anything else that matters.

Research: I do not have any extensive research that I have done yet. But I do know that New York Times has written some articles on fake news so newspapers, both New York Times and Wall Street Journal are sources I will be checking. I will also do reseacrh such as some of these celebrities being vocal about theor struggles. Like Shawn Mnedes as spoken a lot about strugglign with anxienty eh even has a song about it. I will do more resaerch but those are the only examples sp far that I have researched as I am still in the process of researching. New York Times article:                                                                                             Shawn Mendes interview:                                   I had to do a lot of this type of research for my podcast in Com 455.

Obstacles: Honestly I do not see a lot of obstacles that I will have to overcome. The only one that i can see would be how I would do the interviews as most of them will most likely have to be virtual as a lot of the people I will be interviewing do not live near where I am at school. So figuring out how i will conduct those interviews and incorporating them into the podcast is the only obstacle I can think of.



This week: research, writing script for first episode

next week: more research, writing second episode, reach out to schedule interview with my cousin, grad school psychology student

week 3: research, writing episode 3

week 4: record first 3 episodes

week 5: research, writing episode 4, schedule interview with my aunt, conselour

week 6: research, writing episode 5, record episode 4 and 5

week 7: research, write episode 6, schedule interview with therapist, record episode 6