Perfected Pokémon Perler Pictures

In this project, I will focus on making a series of photos to showcase the artwork that I sell on Etsy. In 2021, I started Instagram and TikTok accounts called PerlerBuff to advertise my Pokémon Perler bead artwork. I’ve had moderate success on TikTok, but my presence on Instagram has always been something that I wanted to work on. My goal with this project is to develop my social media presence by creating a photo series of my Pokémon artwork in nature.

Pokémon Slowbro Perler bead artwork sitting on grass at the base of a large tree.             Pokémon Alolan Muk Perler bead artwork. Alolan Muk is positioned in the driver's seat of a blue tractor to look as if it is driving.             Pokémon Phanpy perler bead artwork positioned to look as if it is sliding down a blue slide.

I will create a schedule to post the pictures on my Instagram daily to keep my account consistently active. I will continue to post daily indefinitely until I decide to do something else with the PerlerBuff Instagram in the future. This will be a good challenge for me because I have struggled with sticking to schedules in the past. To take the pictures for this project, I will use my iPhone 12 Pro’s camera. Then, my photos will be uploaded to my computer and edited using Adobe Photoshop. The photos will be posted on Instagram at different times of the day depending on the day of the week. They will also be posted as temporary stories on the PerlerBuff TikTok. I will keep track of statistics such as likes, comments, and other engagements through the use of Google Sheets. I also intend to upload the finished photos to Etsy under their designated listings.



I Can’t Believe That Happened

Survivor is a reality game show that has consistently been on the air for over 20 years, and is about to enter its forty-sixth season in February 2024. Over the years, Survivor has accumulated a rich history of human dynamics and social politics. Countless moments in the forty-five seasons of Survivor shock you and make you say “I can’t believe that happened”. In this project, I will aim to create a series of YouTube videos documenting some of the most unlikely moments in Survivor history and how they came to be. The goal of this project is to delve deeper into the reasonings of the players behind these big moments. I hope to create seven to ten videos that will then be posted on a new YouTube channel. The videos that I plan on making are a combination of video essays and TV show reviews. The project will be writing-intensive to challenge myself to create cohesive narratives throughout the videos. The style of these videos is inspired by Peridiam and Idoled Out on YouTube.

I will use the software Trelby to write the scripts for my video series, as well as Audacity for recording. The footage for Survivor will be taken from Paramount+ and used under YouTube’s Fair Use Policy. The voiceovers and show footage will be imported into Adobe Premiere Pro and edited there. Thumbnails for each video will be created using Adobe Photoshop.



Smash Bros. Social Media

The Esports Club at Saint Joseph’s University was established in 2020 and has been growing ever since with multiple championship wins. I have played Super Smash Bros. for many years and have loved it since I was a child. I think that it would be very rewarding to be able to incorporate it into my senior capstone in some way. The goal of this project is to revamp the social media presence of the SJU Esports Club. The club already has Twitch, Instagram, and X accounts, but none of them have been active in months. I will work towards creating high-quality streams for some of the games played in the club. This will challenge me by requiring me to run a production in real-time with multiple scenes, cameras, and microphones. The club will host tournaments that will be streamed with a professional overlay. I would also work on revamping the SJU Esports Instagram to have more posts about the players and their experiences on the team. Having a presence on multiple social media channels will be able to help get the players more recognition.

In order to complete this project, I will have to rent a few pieces of equipment from the SJU Film Department. I have a few studio lights and microphones of my own that I could use as well. The stream will primarily be run using the program OBS Studio and Twitch will be used.