Points of Exclusion Inherent in Primary Deliverables

My primary deliverable is a brand book. One exclusion inherent in my primary deliverable is for those who can not see images very well. I will be including pictures throughout my brand book so it might be challenging for those who can not see or have a temporary disability. There are ways to access design solutions for this problem, and I will be including those solutions in my project.

Every individual processes information differently. With that being said, a point of exclusion could be having a hard time understanding pictures with no captions. Without a caption, a person may look at a picture and not understand the intended message. This could be a point of exclusion because individuals process information in the form of a picture in different ways.

Access Design Solutions

Since I will be including many pictures in my brand book and have individuals who may have impaired vision, it is important to have design solutions that can solve these issues. A solution could be including ALT text in images. If someone is reading with a screen reader, the picture will not be skipped over. The image will be described, allowing the individual to understand what is being shown in the picture.

Link to a best practice resource: https://moz.com/learn/seo/alt-text

An access design solution to help mediate the exclusion point of individuals learning differently and at different speeds would be, captions for pictures. It is important to have captions so individuals can read what is trying to be presented through the picture. Everyone has creative thinking and can take something in the wrong way. I want to make sure my pictures are explained in the way that I want them to be.

Link to a best practice resource: https://www.usu.edu/accessibility/captions/benefits#:~:text=Adding%20captions%20to%20your%20videos,pay%20attention%20to%20the%20video.

Mismatched Human Interactions can occur, and it is important to implement design principles to avoid this. An important design principle that I will implement is recognizing exclusion. I will include many pictures in my brand book, making sure to include individuals of all genders and races. Since the goal is to create a welcoming environment, we want people to see people who are like them. For example, women will be more inclined to join the gym if they see other women just like them working out there. Visual inclusivity is crucial for this project and will help to get all people interested in Pivotal Training and what the gym has to offer.

This was taken off of a website where they show inclusive pictures of men, women, and all different races.

Photos from brand guidelines

Under the photography section in the brand guidelines, you will see many photos to represent very diverse individuals. Some photos include just men, some just women, and some have a combination of both. These photos were diverse and inclusive. They represented all different people coming from different backgrounds. They were shown in various places, including images in the workplace, and out of the workplace settings as well. These photos are very different from the photos I will be using in my brand book, but I will look at these photos as inspiration in terms of diversity and inclusion. This is something that I will strive for in the photos for my project.

Link to a best practices resource: https://www.allianceforglobalinclusion.com/brand-guidelines 

How to Distribute Project

In terms of distributing my brand book, there are only a small number of people who need to see it. Since it is a business proposal, including the financials of the gym, it should only be shown to those who are super involved. For example, the gym owners, and those who oversee and coach at the facility. Although they are the only people who need to see the physical book, the new additions to the gym need to get out and reach a much broader audience. The only way to increase revenue and gain more members is by spreading the word about the additions to Pivotal Training. Since these additions to the gym are targeted towards the female population, the best and most efficient way of spreading the word would be through informing those who are athletes and parents at Stingray Allstars, the cheerleading gym that is connected to the CrossFit gym. This gym has around 200 female athletes, so they would be the perfect group to target since they already come to the gym so it would be convenient to sign up and work out there. I could send out a mass email to the Stingray Allstars database, informing everyone about the additions being made to the gym, making it much more welcoming to female athletes.