Consideration Post 2

Intentions & Impacts

My project, Lemon (Imperfectly) Perfect, is a lighthearted campaign that centers around the theme of imperfections. I will be touching on body issues, self esteem, and societal expectations. In numerous Instagram posts, Tiktok videos, and advertisements I will be pointing out how Lemon Perfect is a company that welcomes flaws and quirks. The slogan I will be incorporating is, “We’re perfect, so you don’t have to be”. I hope that my campaign shows the personality of the company, while also getting people to let loose. I want people to understand that you have more fun being yourself and not caring about reaching such high standards all the time. 

I hope that my campaign will intrigue others enough to act on their curiosity. If Lemon Perfect is buzzing with content and standing out more people will want to try it. This campaign is meant to make people feel good about themselves and even bond over the drink that’ll make everyday perfect. I also want to show content that people can relate to. For a beverage company it is better to connect on relatability than luxury. It is something that they want people to incorporate into their everyday lives.

Best & Worst Cases

My best case scenarios are all kinds of people identifying with my content. I have Tiktok strategies planned for people who are all ages so hopefully everyone relates in some way. I hope I am addressing topics of “perfectionism” in a polite yet humorous way. Additionally, I hope that these communication methods allow for people to enjoy the content, but also be informed by the brand benefits.

Some worst case scenarios would be producing boring content that no one will listen to, let alone relate to. I also am gearing the messages mostly to women so I hope men do not feel excluded during this. I am also not hiring actors, I will just be asking friends/family for help so I feel limited to the variety of people I can get to participate. A worst case scenario is I get some of my friends to participate and they end up being the same age, same size, same race, and same gender. This could reflect negatively on the social aspect of the campaign.


My personal identity might influence my content because I am focusing on the target audience as a younger female. Of course I want everyone to enjoy the campaign, but that is my main target. Since I am a 22 year old woman who is active on social media and has a lot of perspective on topics surrounding social media, I think that will help. Right now, Lemon Perfect brings in a lot of male athletes and I think my feminine perspective can expand that.

I obviously cannot make up a perspective from a community I am not a part of. With that being said, I think an older (Baby Boomer) perspective is missing. I am making very relevant content for people of my age group, but we are not the only one’s going out into grocery stores. If anything, an older generation is going more frequently. A man in a bright blue sweat suit is holding headphones in one hand and a case of pink Lemon Perfect in the other.

My project might not connect with people who are 50+. The brand feels younger and it is newer. Baby boomers are not as inclined to go out of their comfort zone to try a new product. There are also not many people from that age group who are active on social media. A group as I had mentioned previously that is less present, is women. Especially in the past, there was a focus on basketball players and the relationship to a hydrating beverage. To me, that feels like a gatorade path. More women who are not basketball players are missing from the brand. The brand positioning may be at fault for this. 

The age group of 50+ may not feel included because they are not modeled or shown anywhere within the brand. For my project, I am going to make a tiktok featuring my dad. I think this will help make that age group feel more excited about the project and trust the brand more. It also might just make them feel appreciated and not forgotten in a world of young models/influencers. I hope to shift the focus from male athletes, to everyday people. I will be able to do this by incorporating more women with average healthy lifestyles. Most of my posts/ videos will include women which is beneficial.