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Grace Brennan Consideration Post 3

Consideration Post 3 Exclusion Within Tik Tok Videos Tik Tok and Instagram are social media platforms that rely on the senses of sight to watch/view content, hearing to listen to what is said or an audio, and touch to scroll… Continue Reading →

Grace Brennan Consideration Post 2

Consideration Post 2 Intentions & Impacts My project, Lemon (Imperfectly) Perfect, is a lighthearted campaign that centers around the theme of imperfections. I will be touching on body issues, self esteem, and societal expectations. In numerous Instagram posts, Tiktok videos,… Continue Reading →

Grace Brennan’s Consideration Post 1

Consideration Post- How I will Utilize Adobe Premiere Pro  The Technology I am using Adobe Premiere Pro as a key technology in my project. The latest version of Premiere is the February (24.2) release which allows for AI-powered Enhance Speech,… Continue Reading →

Grace Brennan’s Capstone Proposal

Lemon (Imperfectly) Perfect Campaign Why? In the future, I hope to be involved in the communications field through things like PR, campaign design, and social media. My senior capstone project proposal for a Lemon Perfect campaign will combine all of… Continue Reading →

Grace Brennan’s Capstone Pitches

Capstone Project Pitches Djerf Avenue Brick and Mortar I would like to create a brick and mortar store and plan an opening event for Matilda Djerf’s brand Djerf Avenue. This is a clothing brand that I have been following for… Continue Reading →

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