Consideration Post- How I will Utilize Adobe Premiere Pro 

The Technology

I am using Adobe Premiere Pro as a key technology in my project. The latest version of Premiere is the February (24.2) release which allows for AI-powered Enhance Speech, direct to TikTok publishing, more collaboration updates, and quality improvements. This is great because I am using it as a tool to edit what I post to Tiktok and Instagram.


Mastering the Technology

Since Adobe is constantly updating and has a wide variety of techniques/tools, I need to do a bit of exploring and mastering. 

  • Exporting Directly to Tiktok- This is a new feature that I can watch a demo on from the Adobe website. I can watch this  before I try to upload.
  • Importing and editing royalty free music- The way audio is imported and which websites to use is always changing. If I cannot find an informative video before Spring break, I will ask Professor Levis because she taught me Premiere.
  • Uploading content from my Sony AX43A 4K Camcorder- I need to buy an adapter for my camera this week. I can either ask the employee I buy it from or search online.


Social and Cultural Components

The fact that premiere allows you to cut clips shorter or splice them differently by using the “split” tool you are able to change the viewer’s experience. If scenes are edited out of place it will carry a different message than the raw footage. This shows that we want narrative editing to interpret the meaning of the story that is being told. Another editing tool that allows for social interaction is the “unlink” feature. You can unlink an image from its audio and manipulate it. In our culture we want to have different experiences through sound even if that means the absence of it from its visual. Premiere’s export feature also has a social factor. A project can be sent and renamed to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This lets people choose how their projects will be displayed and in what way. We value what platform our audiences digest media. Each viewer experience will be different based on where it is watched.


Affordances and Constraints


  • I can edit colors/lighting so I do not need to put pressure on certain indoor lighting environments
  • I can sync sound up to videos seamlessly because I will be using a separate microphone
  • I can reformat videos from any camera type which allows me to use my personal camcorder 


  • I cannot edit audio perfectly or remove all background noises which is why I will try to work with the separate microphone
  • I will not know how to use every single tool/feature because it is so advanced
  • I cannot use my handheld device with Premiere which will make editing while traveling not as practical