Lemon (Imperfectly) Perfect Campaign


In the future, I hope to be involved in the communications field through things like PR, campaign design, and social media. My senior capstone project proposal for a Lemon Perfect campaign will combine all of these interests. I have a family connection to Lemon Perfect which makes me more knowledgeable about the company, but also gives me the opportunity for feedback or advice from company members. Lemon Perfect is somewhat of a newer company being around since 2017. With an already great product and passionate team, they are on a strong path. However, they could use help with expanding their audience, growing their social media, and simply being the buzz of conversation. I think that Lemon Perfect could benefit from a creative campaign. 


I want to make a campaign for Lemon Perfect called “Lemon (Imperfectly) Perfect. We live in a world that strives for or expects perfection all of the time. Lemon Perfect is perfect, so you don’t have to be. I would like to partner with Misfits Market, a company that still shows love to misshapen or scarred produce. Since Lemon Perfect has half an organic lemon in each bottle, this would make a sensible partnership. I am inspired by the Diesel: Be a Follower campaign that challenges societal standards while creatively promoting their product. I want to build up brand vibes like Diesel did while also making their content feel relatable and interesting.I also liked Martha Stewart’s DIY January with Titos campaign. It was funny, creative, and versatile which is what I want for my campaign. However, my campaign would not have a celebrity at the front of it. I do want to show all of the uses and recipes you can create with Lemon Perfect. This is something that the company already includes on their website, but I would like to draw more attention to it.

In my experience with campaign strategy, there are multiple pieces that make up one fantastic puzzle. I cannot just say that I will make Instagram posts and I will be done. I want to make this project as layered as possible. This would entail advertising, publicity, videography, influencer marketing, social media marketing, and of course strong communications skills. The center of the campaign would be Tiktoks, Instagram reels and posts. I would include 9 Tik Toks and 12 Instagram posts. For advertisement I would have 3 digital ads, 3 out of house ads, and 3 variations of merch. The PR component will consist of creating PR packages, seeding influencers that will be the best fit, writing a pitch to Misfits Market, and planning a pop-up event. 


The technologies that I will be using are Adobe’s premiere, illustrator, and photoshop. I will also be using things like Canva, Capcut, Preview, and Google applications for smaller parts of the project. I believe my Adobe account has expired and I would need to renew and pay for the plan.


Right now I am focusing on a younger audience, one that cares about their health and has a strong social media presence. I will mostly be targeting Gen Z and Millenials, as they are at the forefront for deconstructing how we view societal standards whether that be social or beauty. Currently, Lemon Perfect has a large athletic fan base, I would like to open up that audience to the average person. If I had to narrow in I would say my target is active women, ages 18-32,  that are the main grocery shoppers in the household. I think this is a campaign that could not only expose people to a product they’ve never tried, but it can make them feel seen. It will help tie an emotional and social appeal to the brand.


For my summer internship, we discussed things like pitching, influencer marketing, brand vibes, and communicating messages to outside sources. One way we did this in particular was an internship project for Chamberlain Coffee. We planned an opening event for a brick and mortar and carried out all of the behind the scenes planning that goes into it. This would help me plan the Lemon Perfect pop up, influencer collabs, and making up mock media to pitch to. Another experience I had was creating an ad campaign for Kodak in my advertising class. I think that this will help me with certain ad aspects in my campaign as well as some social media components.

I believe that this project will encompass everything I have learned from my major and minors. I will be roping in campaign ideas that Dr. Parry taught me in Civic Media. In addition, while abroad I took a course called, “Communications Campaign Strategies” where we heavily focused on social media. At the moment, I am in Beautiful Social working on a Tiktok campaign. I plan on using gear from the film department for Tiktok content. I am familiar with these resources from my film minor. Furthermore, my English minor is supporting all of the reading, writing, and thought processes going into this project.


The research portion of this project will mostly be on Lemon Perfect as a company, along with competitor analysis. In a Communications Marketing internship I had with Acosta, I learned how to do competitive analysis between marketing companies. I would also research the beverage industry as a whole and who their audiences are. Tiktok and Instagram as mediums for campaigns would also be a priority to research during this project.


I think a large obstacle for me will be filming and executing the content for the Tiktoks. I want to make it as realistic as possible so I will try to utilize the film gear. This can be a challenge due to availability. Additionally, it might be clunky for one person (myself) to lug around while thoroughly completing my vision. Another challenge that is similar would be getting people to act in my short videos. However, I do have a few people in mind. As for the actual campaign storyline, I am weary that it may sound like Lemon Perfect isn’t perfect. I want to contain the idea that the product is perfect, but the person drinking the product doesn’t have to be. I have to be very clear with how I deliver messages.


Week 4: Come up with the content for videos and a general gameplan. RESEARCH.

Week 5: Create the backbone for the pop up and all of the PR that goes into that. 

Week 6: Film two Tiktoks. Edit those tiktoks.

Week 7: Work on ads (both digital and OOH). 

Week 8: Create promos for Misfits Markets and everything that goes into that partnership. Film a Tiktok

Week 9: Meet with LP people. Create more Instagram posts. Finalize Merch.

Week 10: Film three more Tiktoks. Edit those Tiktoks. Work on ads.

Week 11: Continue to edit Tiktoks. Continue to post on Instagram. Use as a catch up week.

Week 12: Create three Tiktoks and edit. Wrap up the Misfits Market and LP giveaway.

Week 13: Tie up loose ends. Create the presentation draft. Work on post-pop up PR.

Week 14: Get up to date with Instagram.

Week 15: Tie up any loose ends.