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Grace Brennan Consideration Post 2

Consideration Post 2 Intentions & Impacts My project, Lemon (Imperfectly) Perfect, is a lighthearted campaign that centers around the theme of imperfections. I will be touching on body issues, self esteem, and societal expectations. In numerous Instagram posts, Tiktok videos,… Continue Reading →

Max Kelly Second Consideration Post

I plan to highlight graffiti culture in Philadelphia by creating a video series of oral-history interviews with active graffiti artists and experts on the history of graffiti. My intention is to inform viewers about Philly’s rich history with the art… Continue Reading →

Anna Dorneman- Second Consideration Post

Intentions of My Project My goal for my capstone project is to revamp my blog and Instagram to make them look more professional and consistent. I intend to create new presets from scratch using Adobe Lightroom and I have been… Continue Reading →

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