Intentions of My Project

My goal for my capstone project is to revamp my blog and Instagram to make them look more professional and consistent. I intend to create new presets from scratch using Adobe Lightroom and I have been researching and experimenting with how to use the manual settings on my Canon G7X Mark ii camera for better photography for my platforms. I hope to achieve a professional looking travel Instagram account and corresponding blog through this process. 

The Impact

I hope that my project has an impact on those who join my online community. I have high goals of those joining my online community being inspired to travel and see the world for themselves. I hope that by sharing my travel experiences that it gives others the courage to go out and explore all that the world has to offer.

Best and Worst Case Scenarios

The best case scenario would be to have a successful and aesthetically pleasing Instagram platform and blogging platform to spark inspiration for others. On the other hand, the worst case scenario associated with my project would be making others feel left out, or unable, to travel. I hope that I can make my platforms inspiring and I do not want to have anything come across as “bragging” or “showy”.

Different Perspectives

My personal identity will have an impact on my design because I have the privilege of being able to travel to many different places that others my age are not able to. I approach the design within my platforms as showcasing my experiences, but I often overlook the lack of ability that many have to travel when I am in the moment. It is possible that my project will cause a group to feel excluded if they are unable to travel, and I need to keep this in mind when sharing and creating content. 


Those who are unable to travel, whether it be because of physical disabilities or lack of disposable income, may feel excluded from my project. One way that I hope to combat this is by making sure my posts are all intentional and do not come across with an inappropriate tone related to inclusion. I am going to be including alt text on all images on my blog as well so that those with vision impairments are able to enjoy the content on that platform.