My intention and hopes for this project is to increase the awareness of the benefits of the Communications Department at Saint Joe’s. I firmly believe that this Department is capable of competing with other COM programs in the area, as well as being as highly regarded at this university as other degrees offered here. Since this degree is rather new at SJU in comparison to our business school & other programs, it still has yet to have an established reputation from the viewpoint of a prospective student and parent, which now being a part of the major for almost four years I know that it should be. Therefore, I really wish that this booklet, video, and other materials bring light to all that COM has to offer her at SJU.

I really hope that these materials will substantially increase the enrollment within the Communications Department, or at least bring the numbers back up to where they used to be. Through the information being provided in the booklet and the testaments in the video, I hope it will impact the view the general Philadelphia area will have on SJU’s College of Art’s and Sciences. The Philadelphia area is saturated with established and regarded universities that provides extensive prestigious focused educations throughout it. Therefore, I hope that is will stir up some more conversation about SJU, and break through the noise.

The best case scenario for this project is that I am able to create everything and more that I intend to set out to do. This includes an 8 page booklet (including the cover & back), 2 short videos with B-Roll, stickers for the core classes, and a table top banner. Ideally, this will have more of a draw to the COM Table at SJU prospective student events than it has in the past. On the other hand the worst case scenario would be to only get the minimum of this project done. Perhaps, one video without B-Roll, and a booklet lacking imagery & design, considering the progress I have thus made.

Without a doubt, subconsciously I will have my own personal bias influencing this project as I go forward. I am a super involved student within the department, who prides themselves on that fact. I think for myself, I have to work to get myself out of that box to make sure that it is well received by those who may not know as much as I do about the department in order to effectively inform. I will attempt to avoid this by consulting with the department as well as students who aren’t as aware about what COM is. This is because it has been a long time since I was a prospective student myself. I also might misunderstand the outlook of a parent, since I myself am not one. In a similar perspective, I was lucky enough to have supportive parents when choosing this area of study, which I understand might not always be the case for students due to the stigma of salary deficits and job employment with this degree. Therefore, I will continue to consult with people in experiences similar to that. Although, I feel that it may be difficult to influence an adults outlook, I can try my best!

Regardless of the project, there will always be communities that are misrepresented or missing from the work. I’m glad that this is a conversation to try and actively avoid this. Since I am making a booklet with visual and words, it may be difficult for those who struggle with literacy or vision. To combat this I may make a digital version of the book that allows the information to be transcribed to them with alt text. I also want to ensure diversity within the project in all forms. This is because I want all walks of life to feel recognized and be able to picture themselves in this line of work.