Intention and Hopes for My Project

The goal of my project is to create a complete design book consisting of the branding, messaging, interior, and floor plan layout of my future bakery. It will allow me to research how to build an appropriate brand kit and put a lot of thought into each choice for the business. I hope that the end result of this project will show all the intentional choices I made when designing and exemplify my passion and dedication to pursuing this as my career.


Hopefully, this design book will actually be used in my life as a guide for my bakery. This means the impact will be how it affects the people involved in the bakery, including myself, customers, and staff. Therefore, my project will have an impact on people in how I design the space and features of my bakery, knowing it can affect how people experience my business in the future.

Best and Worst Case Scenarios

The best case scenario for my project would be to create an aesthetically pleasing brand and space that is also accessible for as many people as possible, shown through a complete brand book. The worst case scenario for my project would be to oversee a major issue in this design that would cause my bakery to not be accessible for people and exclude someone because of a lack of accessibility for their needs.

Missing Perspectives

As a straight, cisgender, white woman, I have a lot of privilege that will appear through my subconscious biases when designing. I am able bodied, so one perspective I don’t have is of someone who has physical impairments that require them to have extra needs, such as wheelchair accessible spaces or even needing high contrast images. Another perspective I don’t have is that of someone with a lower income, who may not be able to afford the prices of what I sell. Baked goods can be expensive, especially if they are specialty items such as allergy friendly, which I hope to do. That could exclude those who do not have disposable income to spend.


I will try to make my project as inclusive as possible by considering these different perspectives and the needs that people might have while designing. I have already started doing some research on floorplans of bakeries and how that relates to accessibility needs. By continuing to research and gain insight into other people’s experiences and realities, I hope to implement that inclusivity and accessibility into my design through the informed, intentional choices I make.