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Gianna Furfari Consideration Post 3

Points of Exclusion Inherent in Primary Deliverables My primary deliverable is a brand book. One exclusion inherent in my primary deliverable is for those who can not see images very well. I will be including pictures throughout my brand book… Continue Reading →

Gianna Furfari Consideration Post 2

What is the intention? Pivotal Training is a small business, so my goal is to achieve more attendees and awareness about the gym. Many people have no knowledge of this small gym in Southampton, and I would love to make… Continue Reading →

Gianna Furfari First Consideration Post

Throughout my work on this project, I plan to use the software Canva. Canva is a platform that allows you to create online graphic designs. For my project I will be using Canva Pro, which you subscribe to for $14.99/month…. Continue Reading →

Gianna Furfari Spring 2024 Capstone Proposal

Topic For this project, I will be rebranding and proposing a new business plan for Pivotal Training CrossFit. My parents have owned this CrossFit gym for 10 years, and ever since it opened, I have considered working out as one… Continue Reading →

Gianna Furfari Spring 2024 Senior Capstone Pitches

For my senior capstone project, I want to create something to help me with my future career path. Knowing that I would like to do something within marketing or sales, I would like to center my project around a topic… Continue Reading →

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