Intention of my project:

For this fashion magazine I am creating, featuring fashion designers in the Philadelphia region, my project aims to achieve a variety of goals, including artistic, educational, and community-focused objectives. First, I want to offer a platform that honors the incredible talent and versatility found in Philadelphia’s fashion industry. I want to shed light on the distinctive designs, sources of inspiration, and creative expressions that make up our city’s fashion scene by presenting the work of local designers. I also want this magazine to promote a feeling of community and togetherness among local designers, fashion enthusiasts, and the larger Philadelphia population. My goal is to also encourage relationships and dialogue within the Philadelphia fashion community by illuminating the talented individuals that are forming our city’s design narrative. This publication not only aims to educate readers, but it also celebrates local talent. My objective is to provide light on the design methods, industry patterns, and larger cultural factors that impact Philadelphia designers’ creations. I also want to provide readers with a greater understanding of the story behind the clothes through interviews and brief articles while also encouraging an appreciation for the innovation and craftsmanship that characterize our local fashion scene.

Furthermore, by showcasing a wide range of designers, aesthetics, and viewpoints, I want to help promote a more inclusive portrayal of beauty standards. By embracing differences in size, gender, ethnicity, design and aesthetics, I hope to produce a magazine that speaks to a wide range of people and encourages an improved understanding of fashion as an outlet for personal expression. Ultimately, I want this publication to be more than just a fashion magazine but also, serve as a vibrant representation of our city’s creativity within the fashion community. With this project, I wish to connect people, showcase the depth of Philadelphia’s design talent, and showcase Philly’s distinct fashion sense.

The Overall Impact of My Project:

My hope is that, by creating a fashion magazine featuring local designers, that it will make a meaningful and positive difference in the lives of many in the community. My objective for the magazine is to act as a link between the general public and designers, encouraging a feeling of community, involvement and engagement. First , I would like this magazine to spur growth and support for local fashion designers and enthusiasts. My goal in showcasing Philadelphia designers’ creations is to inspire readers to explore and purchase locally produced clothing whilst displaying the versatility and distinctiveness amongst Philly’s fashion scene. This publication can also act as a resource for readers to get in touch with designers whose works suits their own aesthetics. In addition, I also want this magazine to serve as an outlet for empowerment and inspiration. My aim is to encourage diversity in the fashion business by displaying a wide variety of designers. I believe that this will then inspire my readers to value their individuality while appreciating variation in their own personal style preferences. In addition, I see the magazine serving as a tool for fostering community. My aim is to cultivate a feeling of collective identity  among the fashion community in Philadelphia. With that said, I would like for the content of my magazine to inspire designers to get in touch with one another, fostering the development of a strong network that advances the local fashion industry. Readers may also learn more about the backstories of the clothing, the designers’ creative processes, and the larger cultural factors influencing Philly’s fashion industry. Essentially, I want this fashion magazine to become more than just a set of pages—that is, to become a real, tangible thing in the communities it impacts. My desire is for the magazine to make a positive and enduring impression, showcasing some of the best talent amongst the Philadelphia region.

Best and Worst Case Scenarios:

The best-case scenario for this magazine, in my opinion would consist mainly of community collaboration and a celebration of local diversity within the Philadelphia fashion sector. On the other hand, the worst-case scenario can consist of possible backlash, and inadvertent exclusions. In the best-case scenario, readers will actively support local designers and contribute to a thriving fashion environment in Philadelphia. The magazine is received by the public as an outlet for cultural exchange that promotes an improved understanding and appreciation of the different narratives influencing the world of fashion in our city. The publication encourages designers to collaborate together, building a network of support that can even advance the local fashion scene. This magazine turns into a platform that serves as a springboard for up-and-coming designers in addition to showcasing incredibly talented designers. This in turn will result in a varied and dynamic representation of the Philadelphia fashion scene.

On the other hand, the worst-case scenario is that the magazine doesn’t connect with the people it is intended to, which leads to little interaction and an unsuccessful attempt to promote local designers. The worst-case scenario in terms of possible exclusions would be unintentionally marginalizing some voices within the Philadelphia fashion scene. This could show up as an absence of representation for designers with distinctive designs or those from marginalized communities. Also, regarding exclusion and inaccessibility, another instance would be facing criticism for not producing a publication that is more inclusive for individuals with a variety of disabilities. This in turn, calls for me to conduct ample research on inclusive magazine layouts both digital and print to ensure that this publication is accessible for all.

How Personal Identities Influence/Inform My Approach To Design:

As a college student working on a fashion publication that highlights Philadelphia-based designers, my personal identity definitely influences the way I approach design. My experiences, viewpoints, and background all have an intrinsic impact on how I approach the creative process in general and the design of this magazine in particular. Also, as someone who has been in Philadelphia for a good portion of my life, I have a natural awareness of the city’s many different communities. My design decisions are driven in a sense by this familiarity, which ensures that the magazine accurately captures the true essence of Philadelphia’s fashion culture. In addition, being a college student, I am aware of the most recent fashion trends and my peers preferences in terms of design. My perspective on inclusivity is also influenced by my identity as a college student. I understand how important it is to have a variety of viewpoints and styles represented in the magazine. Additionally, as someone who has always been heavily inspired and interested by fashion and more specifically, urban fashion, this translates into my design approach for this magazine. With that said, I want to add streetwear style, striking visuals, and creative design components to the publication. This will serve as a reflection of the spirit of the city, drawing inspiration from street fashion and subcultures.

Misrepresented Communities: How to make My Project More Inclusive:

With my design approach, there is also a lot of room for improvement as some perspectives or lived experiences are missing from this. Although I believe it’s important to concentrate on urban streetwear, I also need to consider the variety of Philadelphia’s fashion scene. Philadelphia is known for its versatility in fashion, ranging from streetwear to high fashion (runway). With this said, although I am more interested in the urban style of the city, this could leave room for other perspectives and lived experiences within the city to not be showcased. I want to make sure that a wide range of styles are represented in my magazine, such as high fashion, retro, casual wear, and designs with cultural inspiration. I think that by embracing a variety of aesthetics, my magazine will become more inclusive and representative of the diverse fashion scene in the area. It’s also critical that my design approach recognizes and celebrates the diverse cultural identities that exist within the Philadelphia fashion community, given the city’s multiculturalism. In order to achieve this, I intend to include patterns, elements, and stories that highlight the variety of cultural influences on Philly’s fashion scene. 

In addition, when it comes to creating a fashion magazine, I believe it is vital to also promote sizing and body positivity. In particular, urban streetwear design frequently has a distinct aesthetic, but it’s important to remember body positivity and diversity in sizing. Having said that, designers who serve a variety of body types will be highlighted in my magazine showing this diversity in design and ensuring that everyone is properly represented. Lastly, I also want this magazine to show diversity in age as well as this could potentially be a misrepresented group considering my design approach. While I am a college student, I still intend to take into account utilizing designers of all ages who design for all ages. I strongly believe that including their perspectives provides a more comprehensive understanding of the growth of the city’s fashion.