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Colby Evans Consideration Post #2

Intention of my project: For this fashion magazine I am creating, featuring fashion designers in the Philadelphia region, my project aims to achieve a variety of goals, including artistic, educational, and community-focused objectives. First, I want to offer a platform… Continue Reading →

Colby Evans Consideration Post #1

Technologies/Platforms Included In My Project: Graphic Design Software (Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop): Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop are two vital editing platforms that I am using in creating my magazine. First, Photoshop offers strong image editing capabilities that guarantee… Continue Reading →

Colby Evans Consideration Post #3

Inclusive Design and Accessibility For Fashion Publication Points of Exclusion: My project involves creating a fashion magazine featuring local Philadelphia designers, and as I continue to work on it, I am taking note of the main points of exclusion. One of the… Continue Reading →

Colby Evans Formal Capstone Proposal

Topic: For my capstone project, I not only want to show some of my best skills that I have acquired as a communications major, but I also wanted to complete a project on a concept that I am both passionate… Continue Reading →

Colby Evans Capstone Pitches

Pitch Idea #1- Philadelphia Design and Fashion Magazine:  Overview: For my first Senior Capstone project idea, I would launch a design and fashion magazine in Philadelphia, showcasing the cities up and coming artists and visionaries. The magazine would act as… Continue Reading →

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