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Joe Gibson’s 3rd Consideration Post

Exclusion Points and Design Solutions I am creating a blog with mostly writing. My articles will consist of writing as well as images. One of the points of exclusion that I can see happening within my website is issues for… Continue Reading →

Intention & Impact I hope that my project is able to show people different opinions about the sports world than they are used to seeing everyday in the mainstream media. I would like the impact of my website to be… Continue Reading →

Joe Gibson First Consideration Post

The technology that I will be using the most in my project is WordPress. I am using WordPress over software such as Wix for two reasons. It is more affordable as well as more customizable. One feature of the technology… Continue Reading →

Joe Gibson Capstone Proposal

New York Sports Blog Topic: For my project, I will be creating a blog website about the sport scene in New York. As a lifelong New Yorker, I see the impact that the sports around us have on our daily… Continue Reading →

Joe Gibson Capstone Pitches

Pitch # 1 For this pitch I would like to build a New York Sports blog. I would like to do this because I am a huge fan of sports and I enjoy writing and learning about them. My aim… Continue Reading →

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