Exclusion Points and Design Solutions

I am creating a blog with mostly writing. My articles will consist of writing as well as images. One of the points of exclusion that I can see happening within my website is issues for people who are visually impaired. Being visually impaired, it would be impossible to read an article on your computer. Something that I will be doing to try and fix this issue is creating an audio version of the articles I write as well as adding ALT text to all of my images. The most important part of this would be being able to get a clear recording. Some best practices to this are to be in a quiet setting while recording, turning off my phone, and controlling my breathing. Here is a link with many different tips and tricks on how to create a good environment to record audio. As far as people with Mismatched Human Interactions, this could be extremely helpful. In general, people are starting to consume more audio rather than reading things. It will also be helpful for people who are busy or cannot read at the moment because they are in a car for example. This will allow people to consume my content how they want.


It is not a huge goal of mine to distribute and advertise my website. I would like to focus on the quality of the website and how well it functions. This will be able to get my website suggested higher when people are searching for sports blogs. I feel like this is more important than advertising the website itself because it would be proof that I built a website that is well respected among similar ones. Although, if I believe that it is going to be successful, then I will try to market it a bit via social media. Like I said though, the quality of the website is more important to me than how I can promote it.