Pitch # 1

For this pitch I would like to build a New York Sports blog. I would like to do this because I am a huge fan of sports and I enjoy writing and learning about them. My aim would be to post 1 blog post per week. These posts would be about big topics circulating in the New York Sports world. For instance, right now the Knicks are in season, but when baseball starts there will be plenty of stories on both the Mets as well as Yankees. For this I would need to be able to use either wordpress or brackets to house my site. I think that this would help me on multiple levels. First with blog writing. I think that I am a fairly good writer, and writing on a consistent basis would help me with  my skills. The second is the creating and managing of a website larger than the portfolio. I believe that this is the next step in website development for me. Sports is a topic that is a good way to be able to showcase a bit of yourself. Since many subjects are heavily opinionated, it is a good chance to showcase my knowledge and opinion of the sports world in my city.

https://www.amny.com/sports/ is a sports blog that has a similar format to what I want to try to do.

Pitch # 2

I would like to create a scheduling app. I am undecided on my future, but I do believe that I want to own my own business one day. I think that an app could be something helpful, no matter what kind of business it is for. To help create and design the app I will have to use figma. I would also use illustrator for designing the company. Within the app, I would want to create a space where people could go and schedule an appointment for whatever issue they are dealing with. It should be able to show open times and slots available for employees to come. It should also show a quick estimate of the price as well as a list of everything that might need to be ordered. The app should be as detailed as possible. I think this will challenge me by forcing me to think more about the user. Apps are only as good as the user’s experience, so it will make me focus on the quality and the ease of using the app. This is important with an app that is mainly used to schedule appointments. It must be user friendly and work well to keep people’s appointments on time.

https://hammer.youcanbook.me/ is a great website that allows students to connect with their professor and schedule meetings without having to send emails back and forth. Here is Professor Hammer’s page, which is similar to what I would want to create.

Pitch # 3

I have always wanted to create a podcast about the Jets. I have been a huge Jets fan since I was 5 years old and I loved them ever since. Over the years I have thought about the idea of creating a podcast about the Jets. I love to talk about them and can picture myself having a great time doing it. For this, I would need a microphone. There are a variety of microphones that I could use, which are available in the gear room. I probably would also need a camera depending on whether I decide to include video. This is also available in the gear room. For the podcast itself, I would shoot to create about 1 every two  weeks, ranging from 30 to about 45 minutes long. Within this amount of time, I can talk about at least 6 different topics for about 5 minutes. I think that organizing it this way would be a good way to make sure that I can cover a lot of topics and spend a good amount of time talking about it. It is important that I am not stuck on one topic or else the episodes will get stale. I think that this would be a fun challenge that I would be excited to try and do.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLS0BYK5W7eT_SxW6pQA19w is a Jets podcast guy that I watch sometimes. His videos are informative and not too lenghty that one gets bored.