Pitch #1 – Figma  App Design (Q4Lacrosse)

In COM 201 I worked with Figma, which is a website where you can create apps & logos that showcase a user friendly UX and UI experience.

I would like to create an app that relates to my current line of work with Q4Lacrosse, in which we organize large scale showcases in front of college coaches for young lacrosse talent seeking to play at the collegiate level. Although we do more than just events, I want to center the app around our events primarily. I would like to use the app to make it easier for coaches and player to login, register, have a Q&A available, and check the schedule for the specific event.

EventBeacon, has a very good app that all the coaches currently use. I don’t want to discourage use of it for our events, but I would like this Q4Lacrosse app to slowly make its way as the go-to app for our coaches and players.

Pitch #2 – Digital Photography presentation

At my institution of Saint Jospeh’s University, I took digital photography as an elective course about two semesters ago. During that course I learned to proficiently use a camera in terms of lighting/shutter speed/ISO, edit in photoshop/adobe Lightroom and how to take pictures that relate to the different compositions of photography.

For this potential project I would like to continue with my knowledge of digital photography by creating a presentation of pictures that showcase my abilities in the realm of photography. This can be a photo essay that relates to a specific topic and tells a story, or a presentation of many different photos that relate to different compositions.

I would like to have at least 4-5 different photos that relate to different compositions and techniques, and then 4-7 if it is a photo essay telling a story.

Pitch #3 – Podcast Series (Work, sports, experience)

For this pitch idea, I was looking to do something a little bit more fun on the creative side.

Last semester, I worked with a audio editing platform called audacity, and although my podcast about protest music came out pretty clean and crisp, I feel as if this could challenge me and I can improve all the things that I wanted to, and correct that into this project.

I would like to have a 4-6 episode podcast series interviewing people I know in multiple different career fields, giving listeners an opportunity to see what these peoples careers hold on a day-to-day basis. Having a sense of what come careers offer is big for people who feel lost or undecided.

It does not only have to be about careers, but also people I know who do interesting hobbies/sports that people might be interested in trying or hearing about.

These would be uploaded to Soundcloud under my SJU email account where I will redesign/create a page for my podcast series