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Domenic Picone 2nd Consideration Post

Inclusion and Diversity: Intention: Our main goal with our sports podcast is to give fans of sports a forum to have thoughtful discussions that go beyond the stats and highlights. Our goals are to delve into the more nuanced stories,… Continue Reading →

Domenic Picone 3rd Consideration Post

Primary Deliverables: Podcast Episodes and Websites Podcast Episodes Point of Exclusion: Lack of Audio Descriptions  For those who are blind or have low vision, audio descriptions offer extra narration that describes visual aspects, activities, and scenes inside the podcast. These… Continue Reading →

Domenic Picone Consideration Post

What is Zoom? Using Zoom, users may virtually meet, collaborate, and communicate in real-time through a cloud-based video conferencing platform. From any location with an internet connection, both individuals and groups may hold virtual events, webinars, and video meetings thanks… Continue Reading →

Domenic’s proposal

Ball Banter sport podcast Topic- The topic of this here podcast will be all you have to know about the inside of being a NCAA athlete in the new era and even some of the old errors. We will be… Continue Reading →

Domenic’s Capstone Pitches

First pitch- Plans My first idea for my course long capstone project is a series of 6 podcast. These podcasts will be record filmed and done in a professional manner using cameras mics and a nice set up that looks… Continue Reading →

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