“Success Session With Shane: A career exploration Podcast”



I believe that the hardest part of graduating and finishing one’s educational journey is finding that next step and really understand what it is you want to do with your life and career moving forward. I want to share stories from people who are not only finically successful, but are internally happy with their choice of work, and what steps they had to take and navigate through to determine what it is they wanted to do. Having an outlook on other people’s experience can help one work through their own thought process.


I want to share an audio podcast with my viewers. The podcast will take form as an interview style in which I will sit down with my chosen guest and ask them a series of questions that takes us through the steps of; WHAT, WHY & and HOW? I want my guest to give a detailed approach to the young adults listening on what they do, why they do it, and how did they decide they wanted to do that, and how did they proceed moving forward after they chose what they wanted to do.

One example of a podcast that is similar to my idea is the “What’s That Job Like?” podcast. This is on Spotify and it is hosted by Jameson Taylor. I like how he presents his questions and starts from the beginning of his guests journey of how they got into their chosen field, the requirements needed, and skillset, etc.

Another podcast that is globally known is the “Joe Rogan Experience”. I like his demeanor with his guests and how he speaks in very professional but also “chill” dialogue. He doesn’t usually get into how the guests became famous or got to where they are now.

Tech. & Materials:

For my project I believe the only materials I will need to use will be the audio editing software of audacity, and then a small/medium external microphone that will easily connected to my iPhone in which I will use that as the device to record the interview between my guest and I.

Audience and Impact:

My Primary audience is going to be geared towards rising seniors in college and those who may just had graduated that are feeling stressed or stuck and are trying to figure out what they want to do going forward. A secondary audience would be (and is not limited too) those who are looking for a potential career change and want to hear the experiences of someone new that might have some impact on them and their thought process.

Prior Experience:

My last Semester at Saint Joseph’s University I took a class, “Popular Music, Protest & Social Justice”. This class had us finish by creating a 8-12 minute podcast discussing a song of choice. The requirements for the podcast had us embed other audio sources into our podcast, have clean cuts and transitions throughout and edit out any unwanted noise. Having a loud and clear speaking voice, good pace and tone and using correct articulate language is also very important to creating an aesthetic audio.

Here is a link for my protest music podcast. Click Here

Educational Experience:

As a communications major I have learned what it takes to make a brand pop and stand out. Each COMM major course I have taken over my 4-5 years at school has taught me the necessary skills to market, advertise and appeal to my audience for what I am trying showcase. Using a diverse lens, and being aware of the past, present and potential future, it’s important to collectively use those thoughts to produce a piece of work that can appeal to multiple audiences and viewers.


For this portion of the project, I will have to dedicate time to listening and taking notes on podcasts that are related to my idea. This will give me a good starting base by providing an overview of;

what questions I could ask, what the flow of the podcast should sound like, how long something on this topic should be, etc.

I have quite a lot of experience in efficient research methods throughout my education and this will be something that I look forward to so I can create the best podcast for my project.

Obstacles and Resources:

I do not think I will have any obstacles to face when it comes to the hardware or the software of the project. The one thing I will have to work through is finding the correct times to interview people and getting the people I want on board of the interview.


Week 4 &5 – Reach out to contacts for interviews and schedule times

Week 6 & 7 –  Get all necessary hardware and software ready (microphone, Soundcloud account)

Week 8 & 9 – Record Interview #1 and edit

Week 10 & 11 – Record Interview #2 and edit

Week 12 & 13 – Record Interview #3 and edit

Week 14 & 15 – Upload all content, Review and Check Over