“100% Trustworthy Financial Advice*” will be a five part podcast that seeks to inform listeners about the do’s and don’ts of large purchases as well as the how’s and why’s of the consumer market. This topic is important because our society is becoming increasingly consumerist and it is more important than ever that the consumer be informed about their decisions. I am very interested in the world of sales, particularly real estate, and I want to make any potential customers make the best decision for themselves. Because of this I believe this topic to be very closely related to what I want to do in the future.



My project will be a five part podcast with accompanying short form videos and graphic branding. Each episode will last from 20-30 minutes. Every episode will have a different topic as its main focus, but all will be related to consumer advice. As of right now I have two guests lined up to appear for two separate episodes. I want my podcast to be nontraditional, I always like to incorporate humor in to my work.

My main inspiration for this project is the Scuffed Realtor Stream which is a very informative stream that takes place on YouTube, which seeks to give unorthodox advice when hunting for homes to viewers who watch live and submit addresses for review. While this source of inspiration does not take the same form as my potential project, I believe the content of my podcast will be relatively similar where I feel that this is an appropriate inspiration. Scuffed Realtor does a great job of conveying very informative advice in a very nontraditional way. I think this allows the message to be more concretely understood by the audience, and I would also like to incorporate humor as a means to educate. Scuffed Realtor is ultimately a house review show that relies on fan submissions of houses. In this way my podcast will be different as I will be bringing the topics and specific examples to be discussed. I would like to be able to incorporate an audience engagement aspect, but I do not have an audience.

Another inspiration for this podcast is GSD Mode which is a real estate agent advice podcast. The content of this podcast is of course related in some way to my podcast, but the main take away is the ability to communicate complicated ideas and concepts in simple to understand terms. GSD Mode does a very good job at doing that when it comes to real estate and that is something that I wish to emulate. I would also like to be able to create a congruent and appropriate brand aesthetic. I believe that GSD Mode is a good example of a podcast with congruent aesthetic and content.


Tech Required:

This podcast will be recorded on a Zoom Audio Recorder. Using a dedicated recording device will allow me to have greater control over the audio quality. It will also make the ability to have guests on the show much easier as the recorder has multiple microphone inputs. Once the podcast is recorded it will be edited on my laptop using Audacity or Adobe Audition. Once the podcast is edited it will be uploaded to Spotify. I will also be creating short form videos. Since I plan to upload these to videos to YouTube I plan on either using my iPhone or a dedicated DSLR camera. I will also create graphics for the show using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. I would also like to incorporate my experience in Blender to create animated graphics, but whether or not this will make it in the project is still to be determined.


Audience and Impact:

My primary audience is people around my age who are moving on from college. I feel that this can be a very uncertain time and there are a lot of things that are not covered in college. I think there is gap that can be filled with an informative podcast that also seeks to entertain. I think by not allowing the content to become too serious or heavy it will allow younger audiences to listen without being put off. A secondary audience would be people who work in the fields I will be discussing. Because I have worked in most of the fields I will discuss I think I can provide a relatable outlook on those topics that they hopefully can appreciate.

I want this podcast to allow its listeners to make more informed decisions about their purchases. I would also like for it to serve as a reminder that so many people are also going into life half blind to the many potential pitfalls in life. I think this podcast is important for that reason. I think that many people my age have a bleak outlook on the prospects of owning a home, or their ability to make informed decisions on other large purchases in life.


Prior Experience:

I have created a podcast for a class and I was very satisfied with the result. I found the software and hardware involved very easy to work with, and I had a lot of fun with the process overall. In previous classes at SJU I have created branding for a social advocacy campaign. I believe that I can use this experience to create branding that is uniform with the content that I create.

This project will certainly challenge me as I have never taken on a project of this scope and size. I have been able to individually create these components but have yet to do it all under one central idea.



Because I want this podcast to be legitimately informative, I will need to make the prerequisite research in order to deliver. Although I am very familiar with the topics I will talk about I will need to be able to draw upon specific citable examples.

Potential Sources:

Market Watch

Good Car Bad Car

One desire that I have to improve the audio quality for the podcast from my previous works, which will require me to dive further into research surrounding the audio recorder, as that is where my previous issue arose.

Potential Source:




I will be relying on the gear room significantly for this project so there are always some concerns with that. When editing the episodes I am sure I will run into some issue that calls for a re-recording of an episode, which will be frustrating to deal with. The only obstacles I see that are not related to technology are potential schedule conflicts with potential guests.



Week 4: Research content for my series.

Week 5: Record and edit first episode.

Week 6: Develop branding with influence from content in first episode. Upload first episode with full branding.

Week 7: Record and upload second episode and make short form videos for episode 1.

Week 8: Create short form videos for episode 2. Record episode 3.

Week 9: Edit and upload episode 3.

Week 10: Create short form videos for episode 3. Record and upload episode 4.

Week 11: Record and upload episode 5. Create short form videos for episode 4.

Week 12:  Finalize all short form videos for episode 5.

Week 13: Prepare presentation of all materials.

Week 14: Class presentation

Week 15: Final presentation