1. ADHD Information, Experience & Awareness Podcast
  • This project would consist of a podcast series that would highlight research, interviews, stories and tips for people who experience ADHD, people who have a loved one they wish to understand better, and people who just want to learn about it. I would be interested in it because I have ADHD and it is a huge part of who I am, and I often find it is either misunderstood or not known about at all. It would challenge me to dig deep into myself and practice vulnerability to produce something that could help others like me. I would need a recording device of sorts, and audition or an app similar to it. I would do one series with 10-15 minute episodes, the number of how many episodes is unknown to me at this time. A link to something similar is this podcast called More Attention Less Deficit https://adultadhdbook.com/more-attention-podcast/
  • 2. Women’s Rights & Experiences Blog
  • This project would be a website that consists of a blog that features interviews from wise women who I am inspired by in my life, a collection of articles that lead to more information about women’s rights, photos, but mostly just a platform where women can feel comfortable to email into and share or read stories pertaining to the female experience. As for the scope, it would be multiple tabs organized by what type of content can be found when clicked on. For example, stories, articles, photos, interviews, etc. I would need a program like wordpress to compile all of these ideas into a collective blog that has a neat and accessible appearance. The following link leads to a blog that features similar ideas to what I am thinking for this pitch. https://now.org/say-it-sister/
  • 3. Music History Podcast Series
  • This project would be a podcast series that delves into multiple genres of music, its history, impact, beginnings, development, with guests who may be from time periods that concern the topic per episode. It would address cultural surroundings, and purposes that artists had behind their work. Again, I would need a reliable recording device and software like audition for editing and producing. It would be a series, with episodes categorized by the time period/genre that is being discussed. The following link is a concept that I may consider following in pursuit of this.  Hit Parade | Music History and Music Trivia