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Consideration Post 3- Ava Wilson

Consideration Post 3: Mismatched Human Interactions   Identify 1 or more Points of Exclusion inherent in 2 of your primary deliverables (film/video, exhibit site, social media posts, print items, web site, ads, etc.). Describe those Exclusion Points and how they… Continue Reading →

Ava Wilson Consideration Post 2

Consideration Post 2: Diversity and Neurodiversity 1. What is the intention of your project? That is, what do you hope it will achieve? A1. The intention of my project is to educate, entertain, and humanize individuals like myself who are… Continue Reading →

Consideration Post 1- Ava Wilson

Ava, ADHD, and Adobe Audition   I will be using Adobe Audition, version 24.0. I am choosing this editing software because I am familiar with how it works, and I have edited a few projects using it for Steven Hammer’s… Continue Reading →

Ava Wilson- Capstone Proposal

Topic: The topic I would like to address in my Capstone project is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the form of a podcast series. The context in which it will be discussed is through both an educational approach, and… Continue Reading →

Ava Wilson Capstone Pitches

ADHD Information, Experience & Awareness Podcast This project would consist of a podcast series that would highlight research, interviews, stories and tips for people who experience ADHD, people who have a loved one they wish to understand better, and people… Continue Reading →

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