Ava, ADHD, and Adobe Audition


I will be using Adobe Audition, version 24.0. I am choosing this editing software because I am familiar with how it works, and I have edited a few projects using it for Steven Hammer’s class. We had to import, edit, mix, label, and use a lot of different strategies to get the desired sound, which made me feel comfortable with using it for my capstone podcast. To master this technology, I will need to make sure I am comfortable with importing, neatly labeling, and mixing. For importing, it is imperative that every clip is dragged to the right area or else it may have issues with editing or saving. Luckily, the bars on the left hand side are familiar to me so I should not have an issue getting the hang of importing the sound files. As for neatly labeling, I will need to make sure I come up with an organized naming system that makes locating and placing files as simple as possible. As for mixing, I will need to be sure that each episode has the same volume level, and that background noise is kept to a minimum. There are tools in the sidebars that allow me to match volume, quiet parts down or bring them up as needed, and help to reduce shuffling or dead air. The three ways that this program is social is the intention to share/publish the creations made within it, the notion of working with my own voice and others in editing, and that it can clean up a conversation and size it for a digestible piece that is pleasing to consume. This technology enhances cultural values because it encourages us to put our voices out there, and do so confidently because of how we can edit things we feel would otherwise hinder us from publishing. Also, it allows us as communications majors to hone in our skills on perfecting conversational media that may help us in our future endeavors. My actions will be afforded by using Audition because it will be one of the final steps in the process of creating my podcast series, the editing process being a valuable step in making each episode something I can be proud of. A constraint could be that I may have a question or concern about a piece of the software that I am unsure how to use if a problem arises that I have not been equipped to face previously. However, I can use google or even ask Steven for help if this type of problem should arise.