Consideration Post 3: Mismatched Human Interactions


  • Identify 1 or more Points of Exclusion inherent in 2 of your primary deliverables (film/video, exhibit site, social media posts, print items, web site, ads, etc.). Describe those Exclusion Points and how they represent one or more Mismatched Human Interactions.


– One point of exclusion inherent in my project is that it is a podcast, so it is based almost entirely upon the ability for my audience to hear. It is a mismatched human interaction because to assume that every person who desires to know what I have to say is a presentation of a lack of a wider view on humanity. Those who may be hearing impaired are completely excluded from sound only media types, such as podcasts that do not consist of an aligning video format. 


  • Describe 1 or more access design solutions to help mediate the Exclusion Point and describe the best practices for those design solutions. Link to a best practices resource. Also consider the Persona Spectrum of how people with temporary Mismatched Human Interactions might also benefit from the design solution.


– A design solution to remedy the issue of a hearing impaired individual who cannot consume a sound-only podcast could be a written transcript of the exact dialogue. If I were to transcribe the sounds, words, and other details of the podcast on a visually readable entity, this would allow those who cannot hear my words to still consume the content I produce. Also, another solution would be a filmed version of the podcast with closed captioning. 


  • How far you are going to distribute depends on the goals of your project. Who do you hope to reach and how will those people find out about it?


– I hope to reach the audience of people who have ADHD, as well as people who wish to learn about it who may not have the diagnosis. I hope to spread the word and broaden the reach of my podcast by advertising it to friends and family, posting it on my personal social media accounts, and posting it to ADHD specific forums, such as reddit pages. I will be including a transcript when my final cuts of the episodes are posted to ensure that I am not neglecting those who have a disability that impacts consuming sound based works.