Inclusive Design


Points of Exclusion

Since I am creating an Instagram account,  most of my content will be audio videos with visual representations in them.  For example, if I am reviewing a restaurants I will create a video with images and videos of the interior, food, menu, etc and talk about them in more detail with the audio.  Any form of media with audio comes with its accessibility needs, both for individuals with hearing impairments and for basic functionality. If an individual cannot hear what is being described in the video they will not fully understand the ambiance of the restaurant or the purpose of a certain community organization I am highlighting.  This will result in them not further looking into the event/place I am talking about, defeating the whole purpose of my account.  Adding closed captioning on any form of audio video is extremely important to value those members of my audience who may lack the capability to hear my video descriptions.  Although this feature is designed primarily for those with hearing loss, it can also benefit really anyone

Another aspect of my Instagram page will be posting images to my feed. Some of these will be designed through Canva and others will be images I take myself.  To ensure optimal viewing experience I will have to make sure my images and graphics use a balanced contrast so they can be easily viewed. A lot of times the interior of restaurants can be very dark, or outdoor events can be super sunny.  Making sure I properly adjust the settings of these images will be super important to ensure I have usable content for photos and videos that an an aesthetic appeal.  Posting images also comes with challenges for audience members who may have vision impairment. I will ensure I am implementing features that allow all people access to understand my content.

Access Design Solutions

The first access design solution I will use is closed captioning.  I will make sure any video I upload has this feature to make my content accessible to a broad audience, not just my direct circle.  Not only does this feature assist those with hearing impairments, it can benefit anyone!  If someone is in a crowded place and watching my videos they can read the closed captions and still understand what is being discusses.  This can also work if someone is in a quiet environment and does not want their audio to be played loud.  There are many benefits that come with adjusting the viewing experience of your content for your audience.

Image of Iphone displaying closed captioning for social media video

The second design feature I will utilize on my Instagram page will be the Alt Text feature.  For example, if I post an image of a community garden I will create alt text that descriptively talks about the image so all audience members can experience it.  In addition, I will be using the app, Blackmagic Camera, to shoot all of my videos and images.  This camera app allows me to adjust settings like white balance, ISO, and shutter speed to capture content that is easy to view.  Like I mentioned before, I will be shooting content indoors and outdoors, so being able to make the correct adjustments will be crucial for high quality content.