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Katherine Clarke’s Consideration Post Three

Inclusive Design   Points of Exclusion Since I am creating an Instagram account,  most of my content will be audio videos with visual representations in them.  For example, if I am reviewing a restaurants I will create a video with… Continue Reading →

Katherine Clarke Consideration Post 2

Inclusivity Plan For Philly Gems Intention The intention of @PhillyGemss is to raise awareness for events of all kinds that are happening across Philadelphia.  I plan on highlighting an array of events from popular gatherings that cost money to attend… Continue Reading →

Katherine Clarke Consideration Post

How Canva Is a Central Technology For My Project What is Canva? Canva is a graphic design platform that was founded in 2012.  The platform has rapidly grown to become one of the most popular and widely used design tools… Continue Reading →

Katherine Clarke’s Capstone Proposal

“PhillyGemss” Instagram Account and Website @PhillyGemss is an Instagram page focusing on all things Philly! From hidden gem restaurants and the best happy hour deals to art festivals and live concerts, this account will keep Philly residents up to date on… Continue Reading →

Katherine Clarke’s Capstone Pitches

Capstone Project Pitch Ideas Rebrand “Healthy Lifestyle” Instagram Account In my visual design class with Aimee Knight we created and managed a social media platform centering on user retention and engagement.  My account was called healthy lifestyle and my target… Continue Reading →

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