Pitch #1: Ardmore Thrift Store Campaign

As a regular customer of various thrift stores in Ardmore, I would like to create a sustainable shopping campaign for one store to advertise their products and mission.

I can focus on either Pennywise thrift or Junior League Thrift store. If I were to focus on Pennywise, I would like to create an Instagram account for the store to reach a younger audience. If I were to focus on Junior League, I would like to revamp their current Instagram account and try to partner with the Junior League foundation. My Instagram plan would be the same for both stores: I would use a Canon camera to take high quality photos and videos. I would also use various microphones to gather audio for interviews. I would then edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro and edit photos in Photoshop. Additionally, I would use Canva to create fun and engaging graphics. I have acquired these skills in classes such as: Digital Field Methods and Non-Profit Communications. 

Furthermore, I would like to work alongside the store to create a marketing campaign that would increase sales and foot traffic. This may include hanging posters, made on Canva, throughout Lancaster Ave or partnering with other local businesses to promote one another’s store. 

I would like to create 30 posts throughout the semester on Instagram and partner with at least one other store on Lancaster Ave.

Pitch #2: Artist’s Professional Portfolio Website

One of my close friends is an artist and has a lot of content they need help organizing. I would like to create a portfolio website that showcases their work and captures their vision.

For this project I would use skills I developed in Web Development and Design to create a portfolio website. This would include an engaging landing page, about page, project page, and contact form. I would like to go more in depth with this project by working alongside the artist to capture their particular aesthetic and vision. I would create a design persona for them after consulting with them. From there, I would develop a website using Brackets and FileZilla. This would be more involved than creating a personal portfolio, because I would need to be in constant communication with my friend, the customer, to bring their vision to life.

Pitch #3: Beautiful Social Research Collaborative Short Film

After working alongside community partners in Beautiful Social Research Collaborative, I would like to explore presenting the organizations accomplishments in an engaging short film.

 I offered to create an updated Beautiful Social Research Collaborative video for Dr. Knight and she mentioned that Dr. Wellenreiter was hoping to make a short film as well. For my capstone project, I would like to assist with the production of the short film, by focusing on targeted aspects of the film. For example, I could focus on filming and utilize camera skills I acquired in Digital Field Methods. Additionally, I could edit the video using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition. Outside of the production of the video, I could focus on marketing the video and hosting a viewing of the film. This would involve creating advertisement posters on Canva and an Instagram campaign. I would use the skills I developed in Non-Profit Communications to develop a successful campaign and event. Altogether, I would aim to assist with one targeted aspect of the film (video, sound, editing, etc.) and host a viewing event with a marketing campaign. 

*This project would require the approval of Dr. Knight and Dr. Wellenreiter.*