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Marissa Marchese Consideration Post #3

Points of Exclusion All aspects of media feature elements of exclusion, whether it be intentional or not. For the deliverables of my project, I will focus on mitigating points of exclusion, by identifying and adapting mismatched interactions. Points of Exclusion:… Continue Reading →

Marissa Marchese Consideration Post #2

Diversity and Inclusion While my capstone project does not explicitly work with topics of diversity and inclusion, I hope to impact the Philadelphia community by creating a space on Instagram that is engaging for all. My Vision Ultimately, I hope… Continue Reading →

Marissa Marchese Consideration Post 1

Consideration #1: Technologies To create engaging Instagram content for a social media campaign for Lost and Found Vintage, I will use Canva to design infographics, calendars, and multimedia photos. Why Canva? According to the Canva mission statement, the application is… Continue Reading →

Marissa Marchese Capstone Proposal

Lost and Found Vintage Social Media Campaign How can a targeted social media campaign, composed of photo, video and graphic design content, lead to increased engagement with a vintage pop-up store in Philadelphia? Topic: As a regular customer of Lost… Continue Reading →

Marissa Marchese Capstone Pitches

Pitch #1: Ardmore Thrift Store Campaign As a regular customer of various thrift stores in Ardmore, I would like to create a sustainable shopping campaign for one store to advertise their products and mission. I can focus on either Pennywise… Continue Reading →

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