Points of exclusion

My primary deliverable is going to be a blog post that people will be able to read, The exclusion that comes with that is for anyone that has trouble reading or someone that can’t read at all. My blog posts are going to vary in length so someone who may have trouble reading in general will certainly be left out. However, that potential issue will be addressed in my project and I’ll get to that solution.

You could also make the case that my website could have a possible exclusion. As we learned in web design there’s a large number of people who are colorblind. The most common colors people are unable to see are Red and Green. If my webpage included those colors then I’m excluding a large percentage of my audience from being able to enjoy my deliverables to the fullest. Just to put it into perspective I feel that a large portion of my audience will be males and almost 10% of males are affected by color blindness. It just so happens that those colors as mentioned before Red and Green are the main colors of the Eagles and Phillies.

Design solutions

If we start with the possible web design issue it can easily be solved by using colors that are friendly for individuals who may suffer from color blindness. Now what I can do is find color palettes that are adopted for those particular people. Once I find one that I believe will be suitable for my site I should create my overall website around those colors and anything else that needs to be added in the future needs to follow those colors as well. Doing something like this will ensure that just about everyone can view my website from the same point of view. It won’t put anyone at a disadvantage and everyone will be able to view my content the same way. 


Now if we move on to the example for the people who may not be able to read too well the solution I have is simple. I’m going to also add an option for them to be able to listen to the blog post. Yes, there will be an option that users can select for them to hear my voice and read the blog. This option just can’t be used for people who can’t read, to begin with, but for people who maybe want to listen to it in the car. I just want to give my audience every possible option for them to be able to hear or read my posts.



I believe we briefly talked about this but I was leaning on creating an Instagram account for my sports blogs. Every blog post would also come with an Instagram post so that my audience knows a new post dropped. Now that part where I may struggle with this is building up my Instagram in such a short amount of time. I don’t want to spend all this time trying to get engagement and would rather focus on the appearance of the website and the overall context of the blog post. Something I could also do is just use my personal Instagram account which is already built with many followers and just throw a post on my story whenever I drop a blog post. The only problem with that may be I’m directing my audience to people I already know and not trying to engage with new people so that is why it might make more sense to go with starting an Instagram account from scratch. At the end of the day, I want to reach an audience who enjoys Philadelphia sports as much as I do. So doing that very well may have to be engaging on other Philadephia sports content pages and that may have to be the way to bring in my audience.