Project Intention

The intention of my project is to create an online social media presence as well as a cohesive brand book for my friends podcast, No Fly Zone. I am hoping that by creating this, their podcast will have a much greater reach and acquire a loyal fanbase of listeners.



I am hoping that the impact this will have on the community I am hoping to reach is a positive one overall. I want to be as inclusive in my design and purpose by incorporating captions and alt text, bright and “easy on the eye” colors, and inclusive language. I want to impact my audience through this inclusive design by inspiring them to listen to the podcast and engage positively with the brand.


Best and Worst Case Scenarios

The best case scenario for the impact of my project is that I will be able to achieve the overall goal, which is creating a fanbase for the No Fly Zone podcast, increasing engagement and viewership.

The worst case scenario would be to come across as discriminatory with the media I create. Since the podcast is unscripted and, at times, raunchy and unwarranted, there are some dialogues between the hosts that may come off as insensitive. They debate on air different takes on all things sports related, but sometimes tend to get off topic and have friendly banter back and forth. The worst thing I could do for their brand is to post things on their media that cut them into an out of context scene that comes across as insensitive to their listeners.


Personal Identities

Personal identities may influence and inform the way I approach my design in many ways. As I have mentioned in my previous consideration post, the host of this podcast is Latino and deaf in one ear, so he really opens my eyes to perspectives different from my own biases, especially in terms of inclusive design.


Misrepresented Communities & Missing Perspectives

The individuals within misrepresented communities that may not be fully considered in this project are people who do not have the financial means to be able to have access to this podcast. It is hard to consider this group of people and be able to include them in my project since it is all based on-line.


Attempt to Be Inclusive

Considering the restrictions of my project not being easily accessible to people without the means to access a podcast or social media, the one way I can think of including these people would be with my brand book. I intend to make a physical paper copy of it to showcase and still help this brand gain the awareness through that.