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Isabella Colina Hidalgo’s Third Consideration Post

Points of Exclusion  When designing my project as a whole, especially as a physical photo book I think the main point of exclusion would be for people who might be visually impaired. This is because a lot of the project… Continue Reading →

Isabella Colina Hidalgo – Second Consideration Post

Project’s Intention The intention behind my project is to make people realize that second chances in a society where we have an unjust and biased justice system are completely necessary. I hope my project helps open people’s eyes when it… Continue Reading →

Isabella Colina Hidalgo’s First Consideration Post

A Camera Lens Although I’m not sure of which camera lens I will be using yet, I believe this is a technology that is really important within my photo essay project.  Camera Lens in a Photo Essay Project To shoot… Continue Reading →

Isabella Colina Hidalgo- Formal Proposal

Background:  Being a student at Saint Joseph’s University has given me incredible opportunities. For instance, in my first semester of sophomore year, I decided to take a class named “Social Media & Community Engagement”. This wasn’t your typical college class,… Continue Reading →

Isabella Colina Hidalgo Capstone Pitches

Pitch 1- Rebrand of the Social Media Platforms + Incorporation of Media Kit for Señoritas Mexican Taqueria.    Introduction:  This project would consist of content creation for social media platforms. The rebranding of the social media would incorporate a lot more… Continue Reading →

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