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Natalia Pereira – Third Consideration Post: Inclusive Design & SJU Speaks

Inclusive Design & Considering All At the start of the design process it is important to put people in the center at the very beginning; considering who may be excluded from particular design practices or features. It is important to… Continue Reading →

Natalia Pereira – Second Consideration Post

Intentions of My Project With the SJUspeaks Instagram account, I hope to incorporate various voices (of students at SJU) in a unified account to sustain, heal and empower SJU as a whole. It makes way for these voices to be… Continue Reading →

Natalia Pereira – First Consideration Post

Considering Instagram as Crucial Technology for “SJU Speaks”   My Technology: A technology that is absolutely vital to my project is the app/software Instagram. I have the most recent update (version 270.0), which is said to contain “bug fixes and… Continue Reading →

Natalia Pereira – Formal Proposal

Topic: Being a college student is difficult: maintaining a school/life balance, time management, becoming increasingly independent, managing a good mental/physical health, and planning for the future are among some of the common concerns and struggles of college students. It can… Continue Reading →

Natalia Pereira – Senior Capstone Pitches

Pitch #1: Re-envisioning of Former COM Class Project:  Cause-Based Instagram Account Revamp and re-brand the “SJUspeaks” Instagram/Campaign that I created in Visual Design, making it more well-known, collaborative & inclusive.  The purpose of SJUspeaks was to create an Instagram account… Continue Reading →

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