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A Case Study on Living the Anabolic Lifestyle Cookbook

What is Living the Anabolic Lifestyle Cookbook All About? Living The Anabolic Lifestyle Cookbook was designed to showcase the skills I’ve acquired as a Communications major while also giving the public a deliverable project that will positively impact their life…. Continue Reading →

Considering Inclusion and Diversity Within the Anabolic Diet Model

Intent When discussing the intent of my cookbook project, the biggest thing I took into consideration is thinking about how this book can change the way people live their life and go about their own fitness journey. Too many times… Continue Reading →

Tim’s Art/COM Pitches

In my Digital Photography class, my professor told me I had a knack for self portraits. When I envisioned my self portraits, I always wanted them to tell a story and to create a character or persona of some sort. I… Continue Reading →

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