Pitch #1: Rebrand of a Philly Sports Team

This project would extend into my professional career, in hopes that I will land a job doing design, marketing, or social media work in the sports industry. The deliverables would include a complete rebrand of a Philly sports team (team TBD), this would entail a complete brand kit including logos, fonts, and social media design templates, all worked into one social media campaign. This would engage the city of Philadelphia with the team in a new way, targeting the passion of the sports world. I would need to conduct in-depth research into the history of the team’s design strategies, their design journey, and the needs of their target audience in terms of social media campaigning. This would combine my Com major with my two minors, Graphic Design and Marketing, to round out the knowledge and skills I have learned from each course.

Tools: Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator


Pitch #2: Branding Myself

This project would do something I have always wished I had done, giving myself a design identity for employers and clients to get to know me and my work. This would combine my experience in Web Design and my Graphic Design courses. The deliverables would include a completed website that would contain an in-depth portfolio and cohesive branding across the board. This would be similar to the Web Design project but would be completed on Word Press. Looking back, there is much more I wish I did in my Web Design project, but I was not a very strong coder, so frequently played it safe. This project would give me another opportunity to complete this with programs I am more comfortable with.

Tools: WordPress, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator


Pitch #3: Sexual Assault Support Platform

The issue of Sexual Assault has been a passion of mine throughout my career at SJU, and I would love to continue to learn and create more. This project, being the idea that I never could imagine would be approved because it is a bit out there, I think it would be extremely fulfilling to complete. This project would entail creating a platform of some sort that can support college students that have been a victim of any area of sexual assault. The deliverables would include said platform, with complete branding, logo, design ideas, and the campaign itself. The difference between this project and the ones I have done on this topic before, would be actually enacting change and connecting with the community as opposed to doing it hypothetically.

Tools: Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Instagram