Thinking about my future career after college I will be focusing my capstone project on something I can showcase my graphic design and photography skills. With these goals in mind, here are three of my best ideas so far.

  • Frances M. Maguire Museum redesign: For this project, I will be working on creating a more fun and user-friendly website for the Frances M. Maguire Museum. As well I would design an app for the museum, merchandise, posters, and stickers, as well as re-design their Instagram page. The software I would be using for this project would be Adobe programs like InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop as well as Figma for the app and HTML or for the website.


  • Philly Skatepark Guide Book/Website/App: For this project, I plan on designing a guide guidebook that would highlight and showcase all the skateparks located in Philadelphia. This book, it will include the history of the parks, who made them, what type of skater is best suited for which park, the location of each, amount of rails, ledges, and let someone know if it is better for beginners or not, as well include images all shot by me. I also hope to interview a lot of skaters and get their comments on each park, which one is their favorite, and why. I plan on designing this all in InDesign and Illustrator. And if I have time I plan on making it into an app or website. I will also be using my own camera for the photos.


  •  SJU Building Guide: For this project, I would be creating a guidebook to all the buildings at SJU, I would include a brief history of each, photos taken by me, what purpose it serves on campus, and where it is located on campus. The goal of this project is to help students navigate their campus more efficiently. I plan on using Indesign and Illustrator to design the book as well as my own camera for the photos.


  • SJU Artist Magazine: For this project, I would be creating a magazine that highlights artists at SJU and the work they have made which could be photography, graphic design, sculpture, collage etc. This project would require me to do interviews, take portraits, and design a cohesive magazine in software like Indesign and Illustrator. An inspiration to this project would be this photo magazine called hamburger eyes