I would like to do a podcast on the state of consumer products that attempts to inform the listener on why things are the way that they are. My particular focus will be big ticket items such as cars, houses, and electronics. I am interested in this topic because of the recent sharp rise in cost of living, and I would like to delve deeper into its connection with worsening consumer products. For my internship this past summer I worked with State Representative Joe Ciresi, who sits on PA’s consumer protections committee, and I was exposed to the immensely complex world of consumer rights. I have also worked in both construction and autobody so I have a good understanding of maintenance costs, which is another less accounted for factor in the rise of cost of living.

This project would require me to conduct further research into trends that I have noticed and trends that I have been alerted to. This project would also challenge my editing capabilities so that I can deliver informative content while remaining engaged with the audience.

For this project, I would work with gear room equipment including: Zoom Recorder, Microphones, Headphones. I would also use either Audacity or Adobe Audition. I have experience with both pieces of software so it will come down to what I find to be most efficient.

I intend to create 5 podcast episodes that are focused on individual topics within my larger framework. I would also create branding to be associated with the podcast.


Website/Brand Expansion

For the Fall 2023 semester I took Advanced Design with Dr Sullivan. In this class we had to create an advocacy campaign. I was thinking about possibly expanding this campaign to include further deliverables and a website. My topic last semester was suicide prevention among young men, which is a topic that is important to me. This project would challenge my design abilities, as I already have a framework for the design and would need to figure out ways to expand on it. It would also allow me to refresh my web coding skills.

For this project I would use Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop in order to create further brand deliverables. I would also use my HTML and CSS coding experience to build a website that is both professional and engaging.

My deliverables for this project would be a website that features information on the topic, as well as a section that features the created deliverables.


Video Series

This is my long shot idea. I would do a video series where I tour houses listed for sale when they are open to the public and make commentary on notable things that people should look for and keep an eye on. I go to open houses almost whenever I get the opportunity to and love to fight with realtors even though I am not in the market to buy a house. I am half way through my real estate license training for PA. I am interested in this concept for all the same reasons that I am interested in making a podcast. I want to inform viewers of potential pitfalls and unexpected benefits.

This project would challenge my ability to edit audio and video together. It would also require me to conduct further research to ensure that I am well informed about the information that I give.

For this project I would use equipment from the gear room including: DLSR Camera, Microphones, and any additional lenses needed. I would use Davinci Resolve 18 to edit the videos, where they would then be uploaded to YouTube.

I intend to make at least 5 house tour videos as well as additional content that covers other aspects of home shopping.