1. To build on my portfolio from COM202  – I was thinking of possibly building onto my design portfolio and redesigning it, but adding not just graphic design work but my photography as well. I think I could show a lot of good work in there, especially since I mainly enjoy photography where I could place more of an emphasis on it, but not much of graphic design since I enjoy photography more and I could really expand on it in the portfolio if I really wanted to showcase that work. Being in Digital Photo 1 this semester would also help with this and I’d be able to utilize the projects I’m completing for this project. My website for reference for my photography. 
  2. This could be a bit far-fetched, but, a project such as a social media campaign about queer or poc representation in the media like a TV show or movie – something that looks toward my possible future career that can showcase skills that would be necessary for a job. Representation is very important in our media, and it’s important that people feel included and that they’re not being left out when stories are just about a certain demographic. Kids especially love to see characters who look just like them when watching a TV show or movie, and the impact this has on them is immense to their future development growing up having someone to relate to. I feel like this is a project I can definitely bring to the table with a future job since there’s a lot of new and critical focus on DEI – diversity, equity, and inclusion everywhere, most importantly in the media we are consuming every day. I’ve always been interested in this topic, and the research would be enjoyable. I’d probably use a DSLR camera for this for photos and videos. Some of the challenges I’d run into would be finding diverse voices to interview, most especially the demographic I’d be focusing on. The topic of interest would most likely be the new Disney movie, Encanto. Link to an article that conveys what I’m talking about. And my Start Talking SJU  project page which I did last semester to use my interview knowledge and as inspiration for this social media campaign.
  3. Photo essay about Greek life – I was considering that since I’m currently taking Digital Photo 1 now alongside my capstone this semester, I could use what I’m learning in that class for this project. And since I already will have to do a photo essay in Digital Photo 1 already during the semester, I will have the opportunity to use that knowledge for this project. I’d obviously use a DSLR camera to take photos and videos, and however many that I think are necessary to tell the story. This photo essay could be about what Greek life at SJU is really about, focusing on my sorority and placing importance on breaking down the stereotypes and misconceptions. How this would challenge me is that I’d have to figure out what exactly is important to photograph and how to use these photos to explain my points visually instead of reading words on a document. The photo below is from Friday, the first day of formal recruitment which is our Philanthropy round which shows what sororities are like and not the stereotypes we all know of. (Photo not mine).