Proposal: “Immersive Sports Odyssey: A Multimedia Exploration”

Focus and Context:

Question/Issue/Area: The project aims to re-envision traditional sports coverage by creating an immersive multimedia sports magazine. This involves incorporating podcasts, videos, and interactive content to engage audiences beyond conventional boundaries.

Context: Sports coverage often follows a formulaic approach. This project seeks to break away from these conventions and offer a dynamic, interactive, and engaging platform that captures the essence of sports in a new light. The global appeal of sports transcends cultural boundaries, making this project relevant to diverse audiences worldwide.

Why it Matters: This project matters as it challenges the norm, providing an innovative way for sports enthusiasts to connect with their favorite games. The demand for diverse and engaging sports content is high, and by embracing multimedia, we can offer a unique perspective on the sports landscape.

Connection to Professional Goals: Aspiring to enter the field of sports journalism and content creation, this project aligns seamlessly with my career aspirations. It allows me to showcase my skills in storytelling, content creation, and multimedia production, providing a valuable addition to my professional portfolio.


Project Form and Scope: The project takes the form of a sports magazine featuring podcasts, videos, high-quality photos, and interactive content. The scope includes 6 podcast episodes (20-30 minutes each), 4 high-quality videos (5-10minutes each), a collection of 20 impactful sports photos, and engaging infographics within the digital magazine.

Professional Examples: Pardon My Take and Pat McAfee Show demonstrate the immersive and multimedia approach. My project draws inspiration from these examples but introduces unique content and storytelling specific to the sports world.

Technology and Materials:

Requirements: The project will need high-quality recording equipment, video cameras, and Adobe Premiere Pro for editing. Adobe Photoshop will be essential for graphic design. No significant purchases are required as existing equipment suffices.

Cost: Minimal costs are anticipated as existing software and equipment will be utilized.

Audience and Impact:

Primary and Secondary Audiences: Primary audiences include sports enthusiasts, while secondary audiences comprise those interested in innovative storytelling. The impact lies in providing a fresh perspective on sports coverage, fostering audience engagement and redefining the genre.

Why it Matters: The project matters as it addresses the need for diverse sports content, offering an engaging platform that goes beyond the typical sports reporting.

Prior Experience:

Experience: I have prior experience in podcasting, video production, and graphic design. This project challenges me to integrate these skills into a cohesive and immersive multimedia experience.

Educational Experience:

Integration with Prior Coursework: The project integrates concepts from various COM department courses, including storytelling methods, multimedia production techniques, and graphic design principles.


Research Needs: Research will involve exploring innovative storytelling techniques, audience preferences in sports content, and effective multimedia integration.

Obstacles and Resources:

Obstacles: Potential obstacles may include time constraints and ensuring the seamless integration of various multimedia elements. Resources needed include access to recording equipment and software.


Week 1-2: Define content strategy and theme.

Week 3-5: Conduct research on innovative storytelling methods.

Week 6-7: Begin podcast recording and video production.

Week 8-10: Develop interactive content and infographics.

Week 11-12: Finalize editing and layout.

Week 13-15: Launch and promote the sports magazine.

This project represents a significant undertaking, blending creativity with technical expertise to redefine sports journalism. The resulting immersive sports magazine aims to capture the essence of sports in a way that resonates globally.