Projects Intention

The intention of my podcast is to shine light on an issue involving the stresses of finding a career for those who are having difficulties finding what path they want to follow, or what they are passionate about. I want to have my audience seek deeper questions within themselves relating to; job satisfaction, pay, motivation and work environment. Hopefully having diverse speakers talk about their careers and personal journeys to finding what they wanted to do will open up the minds of the listeners.

Impact Of Project

The impact I hope to make is small scale in reality, but I hope that those who listen can really begin to think about they are looking for when it comes to finding the right career. I want people to put aside all the stress of finding a perfect job that fits their college education or desired profession, and focus on what they really want within and follow their dreams & passion. 

Best & Worst Outcomes

Some positive outcomes I would hope to have are that I attract a decent amount of listeners who give positive feedback towards my content, and share with me that my podcast has helped people to rethink their path and explore different options than they originally thought. Some negative outcomes may include; not reaching as many people as hoped for, and having negative feedback that indicates my podcast has been unhelpful for many without real advice or deeper concept of thinking.

Personal Identities Influence

This podcast is something I am very passionate about because even though I am a senior in college, I went through, and am currently still going through the stresses of career exploration. I have three very different jobs currently and I always love hearing about other peoples professions because it helps me engage in different ideas of how I can choose what I want. I will be asking questions to my guests that invoke the same deeper level of thinking

Individuals or Misrepresented Communities Missing from my Project

I believe my target audience is for those who obviously have access to technology where they can view and listen to my content. I also am advertising this podcast mostly to college students/young adults who are recent graduates still looking for a career that suits them. I have people coming on my podcast with more hands on jobs like police officers, Union stage hands, boxing coaches, etc. So I feel people might be unhappy or that I “missed” a certain area of careers if I do not talk about a more “normal” type “9am-5pm” career. But it isn’t really about the career I’m interviewing, it’s the questions I’m asking my guests and how they go to making their decision.