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Max Kelly Third Consideration Post

Video interviews inherently have multiple points of exclusion in their design. Points of Exclusion The two primary aspects of my final deliverables for this project are audio and video. Both of these components inherently have points of excursion: video relies… Continue Reading →

Eva’s 3rd Consideration Post

Inclusive Design, Accessibility, and Access in Exhibition Curation Being inclusive starts with the creator of the project. After closely reviewing and looking at accessibility of ArtSteps, the software itself limits the accessibility of the project. Points of Exclusion in Exhibition ArtSteps/Exhibit… Continue Reading →

Grace Brennan Consideration Post 3

Consideration Post 3 Exclusion Within Tik Tok Videos Tik Tok and Instagram are social media platforms that rely on the senses of sight to watch/view content, hearing to listen to what is said or an audio, and touch to scroll… Continue Reading →

Joe Schreibman – Third Consideration Post

Audio To go along with my memoir essays, I will have audio to supplement.  In my audio, I will interview different people for each subject that I plan to talk about.  Inclusive design fits right in with my audio because… Continue Reading →

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