To go along with my memoir essays, I will have audio to supplement.  In my audio, I will interview different people for each subject that I plan to talk about.  Inclusive design fits right in with my audio because of this.  I am interviewing and having people from different viewpoints.  Inclusive means that I am having diversity for everyone to have a say in what they will experience here.  Inclusive designs also helps people relate to certain situations.  When people don’t have the experiences that they are ultimately hoping for, it can be argued that inclusive designs are increased.  It is important to remember that inclusive designs are always looking to expand and not contain limitations.  Regarding who we design for it all comes down to our own skills and abilities.  The more people we have makes our design more inclusive.  It is really that simple, so I can say all the people I plan to interview make my design inclusive.


Memoir Essays

To fulfill my multimedia project, I will contain approximately four memoir essays in my project by the end of the semester.  A Point of Exclusion I will have for this part of my project is to simply recognize exclusion.  Exclusion can be temporary or permanent, and it can also be considered a positive.  We do not wants to have too much of one thing, and it may not be good to overlap in some areas.  Another reason is that some people may not be as skilled or knowledgeable about a certain event or illness in my case.  I plan to separate my topics and assign them to each person.  I will only have one topic per person because not everyone has experience with me about the topic and issue I will be discussing in my memoir essays.  This will also help expand my own thoughts.


Getting the Word Out


I have been wanting to tell people about the experiences I have been struggling with for some time now.  I used to be afraid of what other people would have thought, but I have decided that everyone has something unique about them.  I plan to spread my information in a variety of ways.  I have gathered different people who will talk about different struggles I have gone to.  Each person that I interview will stick to only one of the past struggles I have gone through.  I feel like this keeps things organized and will not get people to fall off track.  I also plan to spread information by simply informing others I interview to share this with others.  I want people to let them know they have been a part of my journey and that I am very grateful for all the help they have given me over the years.