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Ava Wilson Consideration Post 2

Consideration Post 2: Diversity and Neurodiversity 1. What is the intention of your project? That is, what do you hope it will achieve? A1. The intention of my project is to educate, entertain, and humanize individuals like myself who are… Continue Reading →

Isabella Colina Hidalgo – Second Consideration Post

Project’s Intention The intention behind my project is to make people realize that second chances in a society where we have an unjust and biased justice system are completely necessary. I hope my project helps open people‚Äôs eyes when it… Continue Reading →

Aaron Tully – Second Consideration Post

Intention For my project, I intend to design a regatta website that is accessible for all who need to use it, and whatever functions they may need it for. I aim to accomplish this by using all the knowledge I… Continue Reading →

Arianna Markatos: Second Consideration Post

Intention and Hopes for My Project The goal of my project is to create an accessible website for my client, in doing this I will be creating a space online where anyone can see her portfolio and hire her for… Continue Reading →

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