Intention and Hopes for My Project

The goal of my project is to create an accessible website for my client, in doing this I will be creating a space online where anyone can see her portfolio and hire her for work. I am hoping to do this through the design and layout of the website, to help her stand out. In creating this website I am trying to achieve in creating a good and professional platform for my client which will help add to her credibility and give her better access to future clients.


I hope it has a positive impact on her ability to connect with different groups of people and to give her followers and friends better access to her portfolio. I want people to be able to maneuver through her website with ease and to feel like everything is well-organized and accessible.

Best and Worst Case Scenarios

The best-case scenario is that this project has a positive impact on Elena’s job opportunities and allows her to work with a diverse group of people and organizations for different projects. Additionally, it would be amazing if people of all abilities felt like this website was easy to see, navigate, and use. 

The worst case scenario, s if this project doesn’t incorporate pictures or videos in the portfolio that add to the diversity of the page and marginalized any groups of people. Also, if the website doesn’t prove to be accessible to certain people because the design didn’t take into account their abilities. 

 Personal Identities Influence on Design

 My identity as a woman might make me more inclined to make sure this is representation with a female athletes on the website. My vision (or lack thereof) might also impact the kinds of fonts and font sizes I might use for the website along with the overall organization. Also compared to my client I’m more of a maximalist when it comes to design so I’ll need to take that into account to make sure I’m designing for her and not to fulfill my personal preferences. 

Lived Experience

I am can scroll through my phone because my thumbs and hand can hold my phone in a specific way, so when designing for a phone screen I might want to reduce the need for long scrolls. I also don’t struggle with seeing colors or hearing, so I might not take that into account with my approach to the project.

Missing Perspectives & Possibly Solutions

People with disabilities might not be represented in this project if they are not in my client’s current portfolio. I don’t know exactly how I could remedy that, but I will be trying to make a conscious effort of showing diversity in my client’s portfolio, whether it’s certain player positions or different people of varying abilities and backgrounds.