My intention in this project is for me to be more open with my own experiences.  I also want to show people who are struggling that they are not alone, and there is always a way to deal with things.  I also want to show how my struggles have improved and for others to show how they have felt being around me in these tough situations.  My struggles that I plan to talk about that I have been through are depression, anxiety, obesity, and being diagnosed with epilepsy.  I also want to make it clear that I am still going through somewhat of a tough time with these issues.


I hope my project will make an impact on those who think that they are going through a rough patch.  I, myself, have seen many videos and read many stories about people going through the same issues I am.  I want to be able to show key examples and events in my life that will be life changing and inspirational.  I also want to evoke emotion out of the people I plan on interviewing to really make my project the best it can be possibly be.


The best case scenario for myself is that all of my interviewees give me great information and not just repeating what someone else said.  I want to get different opinions from a variety of people.  I think this is great because I already know the people I will be interviewing and do not have to interview someone I just met.  The worst case scenario for me is that someone backs out of an interview or if my computer were to shut down.  This would eliminate all the work I would have done by then.


Personal identities can influence a design approach due to one’s cultures or ways they perform certain tasks.  Perspectives or lived experiences that might be missing from my approach are people who have not experienced all these issues or limited in regards to what I have been through.  Misrepresentation may also occur here because not everyone could suffer from depression or anxiety they have for the same reasons I do.  Information can also be limited.


One way that I can make my project more inclusive is by talking to more than just one person.  Originally, I planned to settle on just one person and do a memoir with only their perspectives.  I also planned on having just a big chunk of audio.  After reconsidering, I realized that is limiting the project.  I want to have as much information as possible, so I am interviewing approximately four people.  I will talk to each person who has had experience dealing with helping me with the certain struggle because not everyone I plan on talking to has had the same experience with each issue in my presence.