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Case Study on Sororities and DEI.

Project Overview This project is about diversity, equity, and inclusion in Greek life, mainly in sororities. People from BGLO and non-BGLO organizations will be interviewed about their thoughts and feelings on DEI in Greek life. I had intentions to be… Continue Reading →

First Consideration: Shedding a Light on the Importance of DEI in Sororities

Intent My intentions with this project are to show how important diversity, equity, and inclusion are within sororities, and to break those common stereotypes. I’m hoping this project will show that sororities are not their stereotypes and that there are… Continue Reading →

The Importance of DEI Within Sororities

By: Meghan Harms — Topic:  For my project, what I intend to focus on is the issue of diversity, equity, and inclusion within sororities. When I talked to my consultant, we discussed including the Black sororities on this campus as… Continue Reading →

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