Project Overview

This project is about diversity, equity, and inclusion in Greek life, mainly in sororities. People from BGLO and non-BGLO organizations will be interviewed about their thoughts and feelings on DEI in Greek life. I had intentions to be as inclusive as possible, so I intended to interview a diverse range of voices from people of different identities and backgrounds because that’s what DEI is all about. It’s crucial that everyone’s thoughts are heard on this subject, especially since it’s still up and coming with its full implementation into Greek organizations since Greek life has its stereotypes of exclusivity and especially racism. The videos will be uploaded onto Youtube, then linked to the project website for presentation.

Prior Experience

From having taken previous classes where I had to do similar projects, I have photography, videography, video editing, and photoshop experience that I am utilizing to the best of my ability.

Challenges for this Project

Some challenges for this project were initially finding and hoping people would want to participate since this is a topic that people may not feel comfortable enough discussing yet, especially on camera where it will be uploaded to the internet. Though, it’s been more of a challenge to find people in a Black Greek-lettered sorority who want to participate. Other challenges are reaching out to people who filled out my survey and following up with them if they indicated they were interested in participating, but don’t want to anymore. Another challenge is waiting on responses from people who want to participate about what their availability is to record the interviews since I don’t have a lot of time left.

Prep Work and Background Research

I sent out a survey about DEI for people in my sororities and other sororities to fill out and did background research on DEI in Greek life. I then bought and designed a web domain where the videos will be linked once uploaded to Youtube. I did some background research on DEI in Greek life to receive a better understanding of this subject and how other Greek organizations are rolling out more ways to bring diversity, equity, and inclusion into their chapters.

After the background research, I also had to start searching for a location for these videos, which I toured before spring break and decided to use the sunroom in the Barnes Arboretum. After spring break I began to reach out to the people who filled out my survey to see if they were still interested in participating, and then I began to set up interview dates.

Primary Technologies and Software

The primary technologies used for this project are a DSLR camera, a small microphone, a tripod, and Adobe programs such as Premiere to edit the videos.

Project Considerations

Inclusivity and ethics are most important with having diverse participants and making the videos easily accessible and with captions. But first and foremost, I wanted to ensure that people from varying identities and backgrounds had their voices heard, which affected who I reached out to and who I thought would be interested in participating. Since this is a project about Greek life, I intended to include people from Black Greek-Lettered Organizations to share their perspectives on DEI in their own sororities because their organizations matter just as much as the typically white sororities.

Diversity is super crucial and can cover so many different identities, such as those who have a disability, which shouldn’t be left out when discussing DEI. To be as inclusive as possible, I reached out to someone in my chapter who has a disability because her voice is just as valuable to add to this project.

Creation Process

  1. I first and foremost created a survey about DEI in Greek life and sent it out to people in my sorority and Black Sororities.
  2. Then bought and designed a web domain where the videos will go
  3. I found a location to record the interviews.
  4. Started contacting people after spring break and I still am reaching out to people.
  5. I set up interview dates.
  6. I started recording the interviews
  7. Currently doing some graphic design work — though it will be very minimal since the videos are what’s most important.
  8. Currently editing the videos which will be uploaded on Youtube and the project website.
  9. For the design process for this draft, I wanted to keep it simple. Since my content is mainly videos, I can’t really embed that media since I’m still working on editing them, which makes the design process for this draft difficult. I linked my website which is an important part of the project. Since I’m still working on all the media, I’d rather not embed them here unfinished.