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Due 4/22 by the start of class

Select the “Case Study Draft” category before posting. Add appropriate tags and meaningful title.

The draft should include the following sections, complete with text, pull quotes, images, and/or other embedded media:

• Project Overview
• Prior Experience Related to the Project
• Challenge of the Project
• Prep Work and Background Research
• Primary Technologies and/or Software
• Project Considerations
• Creation Process: Include approx. 25% of what your design process for this draft

See the following URL for a complete description of the assignment:

Project Overview:  For my senior capstone project, I have created a short film portraying the issues about how social media consumes too much of our lives and affects our mental health in ways we should not let it. I want… Continue Reading →

Case Study Draft: Photography

Project Overview:  For my senior capstone project, I decided to take high-quality photos of individuals. I focused on capturing headshots, graduation photos, and environmental portraits. I will edit each picture so they look professionally done before sending them back to… Continue Reading →

Canvas Cuisine: Case Study

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Summary: When thinking of culture, food and art are synonymous in it, both being a hallmark of a culture’s history and identity. My capstone brings the two together, highlighting the union of the two throughout history through 10… Continue Reading →

MM Case Study Draft

Project Overview For my project, I digitally created two book jacket covers with printed versions, photoshoots, and media graphics/campaigns to promote the novel. My mother, Judith Natelli McLaughlin, is a published author of children’s literature, middle-grade chapter books, and novels…. Continue Reading →

Matt Charleston Case Study Draft

Project Overview:  For my project, I am recording, editing, and uploading a podcast that is intended for college students that are going to be graduating soon.  The goal of my podcast is to give people valuable information that will help… Continue Reading →

Travel W Lauren – Case Study

Project Overview: This is a video-based project that explores different places in Philadelphia. There is a collection of places that tourists would travel to There is a collection of places that locals would travel to There is a collection of… Continue Reading →

Case Study on Instagram Rebrand

Project Overview: For my Senior Capstone project I decided to update my photography Instagram site with all new content. I specifically will be focusing on taking more professional photos and building an organized aesthetic throughout my profile page. My goal… Continue Reading →

A Case Study on Living the Anabolic Lifestyle Cookbook

What is Living the Anabolic Lifestyle Cookbook All About? Living The Anabolic Lifestyle Cookbook was designed to showcase the skills I’ve acquired as a Communications major while also giving the public a deliverable project that will positively impact their life…. Continue Reading →

Case Study on Sororities and DEI.

Project Overview This project is about diversity, equity, and inclusion in Greek life, mainly in sororities. People from BGLO and non-BGLO organizations will be interviewed about their thoughts and feelings on DEI in Greek life. I had intentions to be… Continue Reading →

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