Project Overview:

For my Senior Capstone project I decided to update my photography Instagram site with all new content. I specifically will be focusing on taking more professional photos and building an organized aesthetic throughout my profile page. My goal for myself throughout this semester was to try and create a new foundation of what I want my photography page to look like. This way I can use my Instagram site as a way of gaining potential new clients, but also showing off a fun skill that I had developed over the past couple years.

Prior Experience:

My sophomore year of college in the fall  semester I decided to take a digital photography class as one of my COM electives. I loved learning about the DSLR cameras settings and features. I looked forward to taking pictures of my family and peers for each assignment. In this class I got to learn about lighting, exposure, aperture and much more. I found ti enjoyable and a new hobby to play with the camera while taking photos. That year for Christmas I got my first DSLR camera which was a Nikon.

Field Experience:

A lot of my photography skills I learned at school while taking my class. For my class we had alot of practice during the class slot time and for the assignments it was many field work. When the Covid-19 Pandemic first hit I decided to take pictures of people that were in my close bubble or family members for fun. I had tons of pictures of places, friends and family which is how my Instagram first got created. I feel that every time I am out taking pictures and doing field work I am improving my photography skills every time.

Prep Work:

I first sent create a google form which was for all of the people that I was taking pictures of fill out. After that was done, I decided to work on figuring out my design aesthetic for my Instagram page. To do this I created a couple presets to compare which theme I liked better on different pictures. Lastly, I made a schedule will all of my potential clients and made a list of where they would like to take pictures at. 


For this project I will be working with many different kinds of technologies. The first most important technology that I will be using is my Nikon camera and its parts. This includes not just the camera but its lens, SD card and battery. The next technology that I will be using throughout this project are many different softwares such as, Lightroom and Instagram. Lightroom is where I created all of my presets and will be editing all of my photos. The next software is Instagram and this is where my profile will be be recreated and a place to see all of my photos from this semesters project. The last technology category that I will be using are different devices. These devices other than a camera include, my computer and iPhone. My computer is where I will be editing all of my photos and keeping folders of my work throughout the semester. My iPhone is the device I will be using to put all of my photos/work on Instagram. 

Project Considerations:

One of my goals for this project is to create an inclusive design for my audience. To do this I will be making sure to implement ALT Text and an appropriate color palette. I will be adding ALT Text to all of my photos on Instagram throughout the semester and will make sure to be aware of the color choices and effects when editing my photos. When it comes to my color palette I have to make sure I am mindful of the contrast and saturation for those who are color blind. 

Creation Process:

1. Created a google form for the people that I will be taking pictures of to fill out. 

2. Designed new presets and figured out my color palette/theme for my profile. 

3. Asked a bunch of people if they would be willing to take part in my project. 

4.  Came up with a list of places to take pictures at. 

5. Took pictures of people each week. 

6. Every week I would edit the photos. 

7. I cleaned up my Instagram page. Archiving certain photos and changing my username and profile picture. 

  • I plan on posting my photos sometime in the next week. I wanted to gather a bunch of pictures so I had enough content to really start rebranding my profile.