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Case Study on Instagram Rebrand

Project Overview: For my Senior Capstone project I decided to update my photography Instagram site with all new content. I specifically will be focusing on taking more professional photos and building an organized aesthetic throughout my profile page. My goal… Continue Reading →

Third Consideration: Inclusive Design in Photography

Inclusive Design Fostering an inclusive design throughout my capstone project is very important to me. For my project I will be taking photos of different people in different places. In these photos I want them to be diverse and inclusive…. Continue Reading →

Second Consideration Post: Nikon 3500 DSLR Camera Affordances and Sociability

What is my Technology? The most essential piece of technology for my project is my Nikon 3500 DSLR camera. I am using this specific type of camera because in my opinion I enjoy working with a Nikon┬ácamera over any other…. Continue Reading →

First Consideration: Bringing Inclusion to Revamping My Photography Page

Intent My intent for this project is to showcase my photography skills and revamp my Instagram site. I want my photography Instagram to be inviting, inclusive and positive feeling when my audience looks at my work. Impact & Scenarios I… Continue Reading →

Instagram Revamp: Jenna’s Photography

For my Senior Capstone Project I will be dedicating my time to working on my photography Instagram page. My sophomore year of college I took a digital photography class and that is when I found a new hobby of taking… Continue Reading →

Jenna Leonzi COM Pitches

For my first idea I was thinking on creating a social media campaign for my photography Instagram. I love taking photos and year or two ago I started an Instagram page where I would put up some of my work…. Continue Reading →

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